What’s My Purpose In Life? (Truth About Life Purpose) We Don’t Create It, We Realize It

Have you ever felt like you were meant to, or capable of, achieving so much more in life?

As if there were BIG things you knew you could do (I mean, we are all human with the same 24 hours in a day right? If others can achieve why can't you?)... If you've ever felt like life had more to offer, make it your mission to reach that point.

Setting a personal mission is important... but there's one thing that also gets thrown into the mix. A mission is something BIG we want to accomplish, but it's not the same as our PURPOSE.

Our mission is more of the outcome OF our purpose. We use our purpose to achieve this mission that we feel called to complete.

Those of us who are seeking to find, or create, or understand our purpose only do so because we feel called to complete a mission in life. We know our purpose will lead us to this mission, through it, and allow it to become reality.

This video will explain to you how to realize your ACTUAL purpose in life. We halfway find and halfway create our purpose.

This video explains both aspects of finding and creating purpose which at the time these two things happen we may not even be aware that's what is happening... once we become aware this is what is happening it dawns on us... We then REALIZE our purpose based on what path we've found and what we are creating through our passion.

This video explains how to accept a path, to flow along it as a journey and how to create a rhythm through passionate creation to realize your purpose and create your reality as you desire.

Find your purpose in life. Create your purpose in life. Realize your purpose in life.

You have all the tools to be anything and anyone you wish to be. It's up to you to accept your life purpose as a path and to create with the passions which will advance you through your purpose in life.