Lesson 5

Embody Potential Within Your DNA:Activation of the Enlightenaire's Journey &Limitless Potential within all Aspects of Life

  • Solfeggio Frequencies (528hz) DNA Repair
  • What DNA is how it helps
  • The subconscious and DNA
  • Existing Within Potential & Conditional
  • Becoming the Yin/Yang
  • Creating Without Thinking

This information was borrowed from Attuned Vibrations website regarding DNA Repair. Browse to their website to learn more:

528 Hz Frequency And Your DNA

Your DNA is not set in stone. It can be transformed.According to Dr Leonard Horowitz, the 528 Hz frequency has the ability to heal damaged DNA. At the time I am writing this, there is not enough scientific research available on the subject. What we know for sure is that Dr. Horowitz learned the theory that 528 Hz frequency repairs damaged DNA from Lee Lorenzen, who was using the 528 Hertz frequency to create clustered water.Clustered water is broken down in small stable rings or clusters. Our DNA have membranes that allow water to flow through and clear impurities. Because clustered water is smaller than bound water, it flows more easily through cell membranes and is more efficient in removing those impurities. The larger, bound water does not flow easily through cell membranes, and therefore the impurities remain and can eventually result in illness.Richard J Saykally from UC Berkeley has explained that the structure of the water molecule gives it special properties and is essential for DNA’s function. Adequately hydrated DNA hold far greater energy potentials than dehydrated strands. Prof. Saykally and other genetics from the University of California, Berkeley have proven that a slight reduction of energized water bathing genetic matrices causes DNA to fail energetically.Lee Lorenzen and other investigators discovered that six-sided, crystal-shaped, hexagonal clustered water molecules form the supportive matrix of healthy DNA. He suggests that the depletion of this matrix is a fundamental process that negatively affects virtually every physiological function. Biochemist Steve Chemiski says the 6-sided clear clusters that support the DNA double helix vibrate at a specific resonant frequency – 528 cycles per second.Of course, all these revelations do not mean that 528 Hz will repair your DNA in a direct way. However, if the 528 Hertz can positively affect water clusters, then it can help to remove impurities allowing your body to become and remain healthy and balanced.

How music and 528 Hz can affect DNA

Sound and vibrations can activate your DNA.In 1998 Dr. Glen Rein of the Quantum Biology Research Lab in New York performed experiments with in vitro DNA. Four styles of music, including Sanskrit and Gregorian chants that utilize the 528 Hz frequency, were converted to scalar audio waves and played via a CD player to test tubes containing in vitro DNA. The effects of the music were determined by measuring the DNA test tube samples’ absorption of UV light after an hour of exposure to the music.The results from one experiment indicated that classical music caused a 1.1 % increase in absorption, and rock music caused a 1.8% decrease in absorption indicating no effect. Gregorian chants, however caused a 5.0% and 9.1% increase in absorption in two separate experiments. Sanskrit chanting caused a similar 8.2% and 5.8% effect in two separate experiments. Thus both types of sacred chanting music produced a large unwinding effect on DNA.Glen Rein’s experiment indicate that music can resonate with human DNA. Rock and classical music do not affect DNA, although spiritual musical chants do resonate with DNA. Although these experiments were performed with isolated and purified DNA, it is likely that the frequencies associated with these forms of music will also resonate with DNA in the body.Another study entitled, “Effect of sound wave on the synthesis of nucleic acid and protein in chrysanthemum” ends with the conclusion: “This result indicated that some stress-induced genes might be switched on under sound stimulation and the level of transcription increased.”If genes can be switched on or off due to “sound simulations” it is within reason to think that DNA can be effected by sound, and if by sound, then also by the frequency of that sound.The potential of sound positively effecting our lives is obvious, and the potential for a 528 Hz (and other frequencies) affecting DNA may have some scientific validity. However, there needs to be more research to make the DNA repair claim.

Check out this further reading to learn more about 528 Hz, the "musical mathematical matrix of creation" and how it is known as the ‘Miracle’ tone which brings remarkable and extraordinary changes.

DNA: The Living Internet Inside Of Us

For a brief moment, we will be getting "sciency"...

DNA is Deoxyribonucleic acid and is made of four molecules called bases, which are abbreviated as letters:

A = Adenine

T = Thymine

C = Cytosine

G = Guanine

The letters or bases are linked together to make a strand of DNA. Two strands of DNA are paired together and form a structure called a double helix.

  • Adenine, A, pairs with thymine, T.
  • Cytosine, C, pairs with guanine, G.

The three-dimensional shape of a double helix looks like a twisted ladder. The paired bases (A-T and C-G) are like the rungs of the ladder.

Structure of DNA

Genes are made of DNA

The language of genetics has only four letters (A,T, C, and G). These four letters are combined into three-letter words. The words make up “genes,” which are like sentences. Each sentence has an important meaning or story to tell. Genes provide the instructions to keep cells in your body doing their jobs.

Genes are made up of DNA. Genes give your body instructions—much like a blueprint or a recipe—for everything it needs to do to grow, develop, and live.

On the subject of creating, manifesting, and resonating in harmony within the realm of potential, DNA genetic blueprints are key for unlocking all latent abilities.

So what do I mean by the "Living Internet Inside of Us"?

Think of our DNA much like how the internet works. The internet is an extensive connection of "servers" which hold all of the web-pages, data, information - everything the internet actually is.

These servers communicate with one another, follow set "programming codes", and return as output specific information depending on what is requested by the user.

Our individual devices work like consciousness (as an extension of our consciousness). The consciousness connects to servers and is "on the internet". Then, we send a request to the server "DNA" and the server DNA returns the information stored within it back to us through our device, into our awareness, to be used in functional ways.

Within our subconscious mind our basic "operating system" is installed. Aligning this operating system to be harmonious within the internet-like structure of our DNA will open up the means for communication.

When our subconscious is directed towards the things we desire, we then begin accessing the unique blueprints of information found stored within our DNA.

There is a wealth of infinite knowledge to be found within our DNA.

Taking this a bit further into some esoteric knowledge, let's consider the hermetic philosophy based around the phrase "As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul"...

This is referring to the infinite "fractal" of existence in all directions and manifestations. A fractal is an image that repeats within and outside itself infinitely. Here's an example:

What does this have to do with DNA?

Everything. Our DNA is merely a reflection of a fractal. It is the very universe within us. To say our DNA and genes are merely the "internet" as far as the amount of information and capabilities is severely understating the potential of DNA and genetic blueprints.

The internet analogy is a way of mentally constructing how our DNA works with our consciousness - we communicate with it, it returns information stored within it, we apply the information, we change and transform the reality outside of is. As within, so without.

On a grand scale, to the bigger cosmic picture, we as individual conscious beings can be seen as "mini versions of DNA" within the great living body of our Galaxy. The fractal of life is infinite in all directions.

Within the connection and harmony between our DNA genetic blueprints and our subconscious "access" program, we discover the realm I have talked about in previous lessons: the realm of Potentiality.

It is here that we acquire all blueprints our passions create from, our direction moves towards, and all states of inner balance which begin to reflect into outward balance in all ways: mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually.

Simultaneous Existence Within The Potential & Conditional

Here's where things kick up a notch from the ideas of conditionality and potentiality.

Now we are going to discuss the deeper meanings behind these terms... what they truly stand for and represent.

Conditionality is a term I've created that could give a certain perspective towards what it is. Conditionality isn't much about the physical representations around you... such as your desk, your car, your house, trees, walls, or other "objects" which exist in the world.

These are representations of form. They are physical manifestations of energy existing within a certain vibration frequency.

Form exists within Potentiality also. What these terms are representing are the choices we can make with how we decide to interact with reality. 

They are the choices to choose regarding which state of consciousness within reality we wish to exist as. The choice between conditionality or potentiality is basically laying out the choice between the dimensions of reality you wish to exist in.

It can be difficult to grasp the concept of existing within a "dimension", but it's easy to accept the choice to choose your own potential towards limitless achievement. This was my way of easing you into this frame of thinking.

The key aspect to making this shift is open mindedness. Close mindedness will keep you trapped in your current conditions. Open mindedness (the realm of potential) opens the vortex, or portal, to all that is yours.

When you unlock potentiality - the potential to achieve anything - you realize that nothing can really be too great of a task to accomplish. 

The goal of this lesson is to bring awareness to your multidimensional state of existence as a human, to give you the tools and knowledge to activate all latent information within your very cells, and to help you apply these informational blueprints within your life. 

If you want to embody Potentiality - to get out of the muck, the mud, the stuck you are in within the conditional frame of mind - this is where you discover these secrets.

Many of us have heard the terms 3D, 4D, and 5D realities. Have you ever experienced the differences in these states?

Getting into a higher dimensional state of reality sounds like a daunting task - which is why I held off on these topics until the last lesson. Now we tie this all in to a cohesive understanding.

Open mindedness is how one moves through these states of existence.

By the end of this, you will understand what the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Dimensions are, how to unlock the full potential that you EXIST as, and how to activate your ascension through the lower and into the higher states of multidimensional existence for complete bliss, love, and joy of life.

This is what the Enlightenaire's Journey is.

What Are Dimensions?

It's probably wise to assume you've never fully grasped the idea of dimensions. If you have, that's amazing, this should all make great sense to you. However, I feel it best to lay it all out here for those who may be searching for a good understanding to help them move forward.

First, let's discuss what dimensions are NOT. They are not places outside of where you are now. Dimensions are states of consciousness. Through our inner awareness... our understandings... our beliefs we define the dimensional state we exist within.

The lower vibration state of existence is what's known as the third dimension (3D). Sitting right where you are, you could be in any of these three dimensions (or even higher depending on how opened your consciousness is to the totality of reality - though you'd likely not be in a physical vessel lol). 

The third dimension is characterized by believing in limitations. Nearly all paradigms you hold true in this dimension are bound by limitations of some form.

You believe that good is limited due to the presence of evil. Belief in duality is a fundamental aspect of the third dimension. Yes, I do teach about the dual nature of energy, the masculine and the feminine, but the absolute energy of Source is unified. This is why we "merge" masculine and feminine, why we "become" the entire yin/yang - this is a unification of energy into a single nature of being.

The dual nature of energy is merely the characteristics that Source energy obtains once it has manifested within our world, our realm, which currently exists within the plane of duality as it shifts into a higher plane. As we balance in form the dual nature, we exist in unity within our conscious nature.

We may operate physically according to creation principles that embody some aspects of duality, but consciously we exist within the unified field of consciousness that is the higher dimensional states of being.

The third dimension also places spirituality within limitations by binding the expansiveness of Source and unity within the divisive control factors of religion.

Life in the third dimension is bound by rules that are deemed absolute - observable represents only that which exists as true and possible to the mind trapped within third dimensional existence.

Outside of what is observable, proven, or practical based on what's always been - nothing else to a third dimensional understanding is possible. This is the reason behind the importance of "open mindedness". Those that know everything do not know what they do not know.

This is the kind of mind that will mock certain experiences of metaphysics due to science's lack of pure proof being provided, regardless if some (or many) forms of science allude to the possibility, or probability even, of such happenstances. 

Fourth dimension is a bridge. A Portal into the 5th. Manifestations happen much quicker. Time begins to shift, to condense or expand, in comparison to the rigid linear way that time exists in the 3rd. Love, and peace are commonly experienced. This dimensional state is characterized by greater understandings of reality, consciousness, and finding joy in all things.

Moving from suffering found within the third dimension into the fourth dimension teaches one how to exist within the fourth in order to integrate into the fifth. Suffering catalyzes us out of the third when we realize the extent of suffering is only endured within the conscious understandings presented around the experiences we have.

Suffering does not exist in the fourth dimension, though total control over emotions and thoughts has yet to be mastered. Pain is still experienced, however it is not suffered. It is merely experienced and then released through love.

The mastery of thoughts and emotions in the fourth dimension so that love, purely and wholly being the only characteristic basis of existence persisting within, leads us from the fourth into the fifth.

In the fifth dimension, fear, hatred, anger, guilt, and any lower vibration way of existing, is impossible. The fifth has a prerequisite of mastery over thoughts and emotions within the fourth in order to be integrated within. Mastery means no stumbles, no blockages of energies, no shadows to work through.

This work is done within the fourth dimension. We work out our imbalances within the fourth dimension as we integrate into the fifth.

This is made easier by the outpouring of assistance humanity and this planet are currently receiving in regards to the Great Ascension into the fifth dimension.

The Great Ascension is the creation of a new world characterized by unity, peace, love, abundance, joy, and pure oneness. It sounds impossible, but only to the mind still trapped in a lower dimensional state 😉

The concepts of "Limitless Potential", Potentiality, DNA Activation, Reprogramming your Subconscious... All of these are steps towards full integration into the 4th dimension where all manifestations you apply in reality become reality.

This is the Enlightenaire's Journey.

While on the Enlightenaire's Journey, we begin to symbolize ourselves as a unified being among and within a realm of polarity.

We go from being either Yin or Yang towards becoming the Yin/Yang altogether.

We go from being within either Conditional or Potential towards becoming the Condition of Potential within reality altogether.

We go from creating purpose, looking for path, developing passion, and obsessing over these things towards becoming the Mission which merges them all into a single way of being. Creation without thinking, it is simply who we become.

We go from mentally living within the past, imagining or worrying about the future, and simply moving through the present towards becoming and experiencing elements of the past and the future within the present moment in a way that time feels timeless, it feels infinite. Synchronicity begins to reveal to us how many moments we've experienced in the past are connected to the future yet are existing right now. Time becomes infinite, and within this understanding of time, we are infinite, we are connected, we are one with all else that exists within and without.

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