Lesson 4

The Creation Axiom: Discover Your Path, Develop Passion, Create Purpose, & Learn About The Divine Matrix Field

The process of creation is what moves us forward along and through our path in life.

To get a greater understanding of how we embody limitless potential we'll link a few understandings of some common terms.

Limitless potential encompasses everything.

It is the state of being which acquires all skills, overcomes all obstacles, sets and achieves any goal, and truly knows no boundaries.

Potential is activated within us as we begin to align with our Purpose.

Have you ever felt that you were born with a mission? Or that you had some form of calling - one that you knew was beyond yourself in some ways - yet somewhere deep inside of your being you knew you were meant to progress towards it?

Many of us have this sense of Mission. I assume the fact you have a sense of Mission simply because you're this far into a course on the topic of activating limitless Potential.

Even if you merely wish to learn the complete way for manifesting your hopes, dreams, and wishes - consider manifestation your Mission. 

The point is this: I want to inform you that your Mission is not the same as your Purpose.

Your Mission is more of the outcome of your Purpose. Through your Purpose you activate the Potential to complete the Mission.

Your Purpose is made up of two aspects, and once those aspects are merged together in a harmonious way Purpose begins to emerge.

Many people meander through life searching for Purpose outside of themselves. Purpose, however, is not found - especially from any place beyond where you are, who you are, and how you are right now. 

Purpose is created through discovery and practice, and your Purpose is with you now - you just may not have discovered it yet (if you have that's great!). 

Our Purpose can shift and evolve over time whereas the Mission remains constant. The Purpose only serves to bring about the outcome of the Mission.

As you move through Purpose, and activated Potential expands your experiences, Purpose will expand along with it.

Purpose consists of these two aspects: the Path and your Passions.

Purpose is a process of continued discovery - that's the path - as well as consistent practice as you develop your Passion. 

Passion & Path function as dual energies at work harmonizing together in a balanced way to create the rhythm of forward progress towards Mission; this is your ever unfolding and evolving Purpose.

Let's talk about Path first. Path represents the Masculine energy which lays the blueprint before you. This is the directive force at work.

Path encompasses the acquisition of resources you'll need, discovery of skills you should acquire, the occurrence of opportunities you should move towards, and brings in alignment many things that are beyond conscious awareness into the space of your awareness.

As we learned in the previous lesson, the Masculine energy applies intention, dedication, direction, inspiration to the energy realized as Source energy.

The Path represents the Masculine aspect of energy being accessed in order to initiate the process of emerging experience for altering reality.

The Law of Attraction is a loose way of trying to explain how this works, but my experience with this as it is most commonly taught leads me to view it as inconsistent, incomplete, and ultimately with foundational weakness.

The truth behind the Law of Attraction is in the word Attraction, and found within the Principle of Surrender.

Rather than call this the Law of Attraction, maybe we should consider this the Law of Surrendered Path?

Path is Masculine energetically but it is a passive practice and occurrence.

When we attempt to manipulate the Path, our future, where we will end up, who we will be with, and what events will take place later on down the line - we begin to meet resistance, challenges, failures, struggles, and possibly suffering.

Path, by nature, is characterized by the concept of Flow.

The Path is accessed as we Flow in harmony with events and daily experiences that are realized within a conscious state of awareness. 

The Masculine energy works "Force" element for Source energy.

Source once realized and harmonized with requires a state of being that allows it to Flow through and from.

When the Path is surrendered, the state and nature of Flow becomes activated.

The idea of "attraction" is simply being aligned within this flow and through awareness of this alignment being able to see the pieces of the puzzle towards our Path for what they are.

The people we meet, the "right time right places" we find ourselves in, the out of nowhere opportunities - we attribute our vibration to these attraction phenomena when in fact they are Source energy flowing through the Masculine aspect, creating the force behind the movements along the path we're needing to follow.

The Masculine creates the Force behind the movements, but is not the action that actually moves us. Consider any action, such as scratching your head. The energy used to activate your arm into motion and perform the action is Force. The performance of scratching the head (which this isn't much of an artistic analogy) is the energy of force being formed into expression. 

All action is energy flowing through us and then from us as expression. Expression is the outcome of the creation process, the merging of two energies, the combination of the Path and your Passions. 

The paradox of path is that it is a power of Force that must be aligned within the state of Flow. When this flow state is brought into being, we are then "forced" down the appropriate Path without having to consciously manipulate anything.

Things simply begin happening. People appear when we need them. Resources begin to emerge around us that are exactly what we have been searching for, often times without knowing we were searching for them.

The flip-side to the Force energy is the Form energy. This is the Feminine manifestation of energy meant to harmonize with the Force energy of the Masculine.

Here is where The Law of Attraction drops the ball. I'm truly not trying to downgrade anyone's beliefs in the Law of Attraction, but rather attempting to expand the idea around it into a holistic and practical approach that gives the ability to alter reality with limitless Potential abundantly activated.

The Feminine nature of Form is the active energy where the Masculine nature of Force is the passive flow of energy.

Form is accessed as expression of our Passions (creating through passionate expression). Our Passions, once realized, take the flowing energy of Force and transmute it into pure creative output.

This is the active energy because it is where we begin to apply ourselves actively towards the process of creating reality.

When you scratched your head (did you actually scratch your head?) the performance of scratching your head was the Feminine expression of energy. The Force (Masculine) was the thought, the direction, the inciting aspect creating the spark of energy. The Form (Feminine) was the expression of that action, the actual movement of your arm and hand, the unique way you may have flipped your arm around. 

We all express ourselves uniquely. We all create expression through individualized Form. Our Passion is the beautiful ways in which we express our Purpose through creation.

Creation creates reality. Creation is a Feminine aspect of existence. Creation does not give us energy, in that sense it is passive. Without the Masculine aspect of Force taking the wisdom of Source energy and laying a blueprint, the Feminine aspect of Form becomes sporadic, draining, and lacks proper function.

The reverse of this is that when the Masculine is giving us energy to create and we do not give it proper Form, we have many ideas, inspirations, and determination yet find ourselves doing nothing with any of it. We stay in a state of planning, thoughts, visualizing, and lack of proper action. This is my qualm with how many teach the Law of Attraction. Much necessary guidance is missed or left out.

Once the energies are balanced and understood, the Masculine draws Source, transmuting into Force and then through the process of Form, Source transmutes through expressive creation (Passion) into physical manifestation which we experience as reality. 

Source is direct energy and inspiration Flowing via Force and as the Path. Through our Passionate abilities of creation we advance along the Path in an active way, Forming creative expressions of our Passions.

By this harmony of Path and Passion, Masculine and Feminine, Force and Form, Flow and Transmutation our Purpose is realized.

When our Purpose is realized we then unlock limitless Potential within the realm of Potentiality.

Purpose, and as it evolves, is how we achieve our Mission and we acquire the sense of fulfillment within the life that we are living.

In a sense, we absolutely thrive beyond measure and survival is no longer the name of the game.

With understanding that the Path is not to be forced (though it is energetically the FORCE), where do we place our focus?

This is why the title mentions to focus on "when" not "where" for the process of creation. The active aspect, the part we must play beyond surrendering to the Path and accepting how it unfolds, is the process of creation.

Creation disregards where it is happening and only takes place within each passing, present moment. The eternal and infinite now.

There is no time outside of now.

The future is unfolding, emerging, phasing into existence as each new moment. So now is the future. Our concept of the future only exists as states of reality imagined.

These states of reality are Potentiality being called upon to emerge within the present moment according to the aspect of Path.

The past serves us only in memory and experience encoded into our DNA (which the next Lesson will touch on more).

The past is the Conditionality state of reality, where what has manifests now exists as conditional within the experience of our existence. Applying Potentiality (imagination, flow, focus, creation) to the Conditional experience alters it.

The Conditional state contains our current skills, current interests, current understandings. From this state, from our memories, the best use of them is to draw from and learn accordingly.

Conditionality contains the lessons, Potentiality contains the blessings.

In this moment of now, however, we create.

Right now, I am in this moment. I am creating. Every word, moment by moment, is being written as I know my path is already laid before me and your path has brought you to these very words.

We didn't control this... But what we did do is take from our imagination, our thoughts, the abstract realm of creation, and we transmuted that energy into steps of action.

Each step, each action, the clicking around on your PC or using of your phone, the checking of your email, how you discovered this website. All of these were actions advancing you down your Path, where ultimately we have crossed paths here within this course.

You might be wondering though... what exactly are my Passions? What if I don't know my Passions?

This is a part of Surrendering to Path. You do not force yourself into action or beat yourself up trying to figure out your Passions.

Take it like this:

You've just been given a quest. Pretend I am a mysterious old man (imagine a wizard) who has just appeared in a vision to you.

Now I have a message for you: your mission exists, you must complete this quest - this mission - but in order to do so you must drop all expectations because you will not know the details of the mission or what resources you will need to complete it.

However, right before you is a Path. This is a trail you must take. It is very much like the yellow brick road in the Wizard of Oz. Do not worry about what will happen or what you must do as you follow the Path, just surrender your desire to control this process by simply accepting the quest and beginning along the Path. Acceptance of the quest leads you to the first resource you will need to continue along the Path - the discovery of your Passion.

You may discover this Passion through a "random" book, a friend, meeting a new person, or any other "coincidental" way. These moments are what are known as Synchronicities.

They consistently happen once Flow is engaged and the Path is accepted.

They confirm your direction, they remove resistance, they are aspects of manifestation and attraction.

Some Simple Exercises To Help Prod Realization of Passion

Even though we shouldn't "force" ourselves into rushing towards any creative form of expression calling it our Passion, we can still dig around through self reflection and help it come to the surface.

Consider this... what if money didn't exist? What if everything you could need was absolutely there without having to do anything at all for it.

What would you be doing? Write some of those ideas down.

Also, spending 20 minutes each day thinking about the things that have interested you recently, or any opportunities that you have spotted may bring ideas to the surface.

Your Passion is not found overnight, but is realized through series of discoveries of small interests. Thinking & meditating as a process of reading or analyzing your mind can lead to discovering your Passion.

Another way to poke the bear of Passion is to become intimately aware of your personality traits and characteristics.

Take the MBTI test. Discover your inner drives, your ways of making decisions, the things that motivate you.

Additional Ways To Uncover Passions

Take a look over the things you already own. Notice any themes among your books, magazines, hobbies, or the subjects you like to talk or learn about? 

What are the subjects you tend to gravitate towards? What subjects catch your attention and peak your interest when you overhear them in conversation? 

Find out what areas you already spend your focus, energy, or money on. Or, better yet, if money wasn't an issue what would you do with all your free time and unlimited access to resources? 

Are there any things that tend to be recurring in your life?

Try not to allow your head to talk you out of believing in a  passion you discover. In your heart, your soul, and within your body you will feel your passions resonate. 

There are a plethora of ways to create a fully functional and happy life which revolves solely around doing what you are passionate about. 

No matter your passion - others out there are passionate about it too and doing just that. 

Passions can sometimes be irrational. This may raise conflict with your logical self, and your mind may try convincing you that your deepest passions aren't actually what they are. 

Check with your heart. Feel it in your soul. Know that your passions are yours to follow and fulfill. 

Take a look at what you love to learn, talk about, or teach others. 

There is a market in the world for what you find interesting, and for the knowledge that you have. In addition to your knowledge, your perspective is uniquely yours. 

It does not matter how many other people know, share, or teach what you know, as no one else will have your unique perspectives regarding these things. Our personalities are a power, they are the uniqueness that set us apart from others. 

There will always be people, companies, and opportunities looking for your unique set of gifts, interests, knowledge, and perspectives. 

If you have difficulties discovering this, ask a friend or family member for their input. You never know what jewel of insight may come from this. 

Also, don't underestimate the power of incorporating your passion into your already existing career or business.You may not need a total overhaul in what you're doing. Maybe you simply need to inject more of what you LOVE into your life right now.For example, Ronda, a cosmetic soap creating business owner, recently took initiative towards her passion for animals that are neglected and in need of care. She rescued a dog and ended up adopting him after being shot three times by his previously abusive owner. Now she's giving a portion of her revenue to a not-for-profit dog rescue organizations and is building this component into her existing brand. With that tiny tweak, she just gave herself a competitive advantage over others within her industry who aren't passionate about any cause (or brave enough to share it), and she is way more motivated to market and sell her products and services because they're tied to making a bigger difference.Now that you've gotten this far, the next step is to begin taking consistent passion-based action each day.That could mean writing, making videos, recording audios, taking a class or somehow engaging in an activity you love.And here's the best part. Taking action on your passion often requires little to no cash. Simply having initiative and exploring your desires opens up a world of possibilities. Articles, videos and writing take no money. Only time, effort and focus. And beginner classes can often be inexpensive or, sometimes, even free.

​You can find many how to videos and learn much about exploring your passions on YouTube even. 

Building your life around what you love is something you'll never regret.It's your passion for what you do that will give you the drive, commitment and energy necessary to create any amount of success and fulfillment you desire, and you'll have an extraordinary time while you do it.That’s everything you need to know about finding your passion and probably a little more because I just can’t help myself, I’m passionate about sharing this work with you. Now go ahead and get started and don’t forget to let me know how it goes!

What’s the solution?

Stop obsessing about finding your passion.

You don’t find your passion, you build it. It is a discovery process, not a match made in heaven.

If you’ve not found your passion yet, there are two possible reasons:

a) You know what you want to do but you’re too afraid to pursue it.

b) You’ve not found your passion because you’re too afraid or too distracted to explore.

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