Lesson 3

Tap Into Potential & Energy Awareness: Balancing Feminine (Yin) & Masculine (Yang) Creative Energy

Energy is the necessary expense for effort in the moment. Here we will uncover the aspects of energy within time.

If we can consider ourselves as conduits, pathways, or channels for all forms of energy we can learn a lot about how to harness and magnify the many energies we acquire for our favor.

Energy does not fully come from within us directly, but we absorb most of the energy we have from outside. Energy comes into us and then flows through us into reality.

We cannot fully sustain our energy levels without allowing energy to enter, and we cannot create any kind of reality without spending the energy in an outward manner.

The role of a universally conscious energy conduit is to transmute energy acquired from the Source through the process of creation into a physical manifestation of that energy.

Not only does energy flow through us, but within us it is filtered as well. We have many internal filters set in place which energy passes and is affected. If our filters are off, or they are "clogged", or disharmonious and unbalanced with other aspects of ourselves, then the energy overall becomes distorted.

This is the point that we meet resistance and struggles will manifest themselves, and where our experience of reality begins to distort and resist us as well. 

Understanding Our Filters & How to Remove Blockages of Energy

Our filters are merely the perceptions and paradigms we currently have which alter how we perceive who we are, what is around us, and where we are able to go within the present moment.

Paradigms are a tricky aspect to explain. They are similar to perspective, only perspective deals with the information we gain through our senses. Paradigms take our perspectives and create our understanding of how they all relate to one another and are the basis for how we interact within the world as a whole.

A paradigm is a conceptual lens which acts as a filter for what you perceive.

Here is an example: If you had an entrepreneurial paradigm your mind would filter everything you perceive as potential opportunity.

Here is a story example I once heard to help illustrate...

Johnny is a guy, who when he was born the doctor surgically attached red lenses to his eyes. By the time Johnny is 45, how does he see the world? Wouldn’t he see everything as red?

It’s not quite that simple. There is an objective truth and there is also a subjective truth which exists for Johnny. To Johnny the world simply exists as it should and does.

To us, we understand his view is filtered by the color red. For us to attempt to explain the color red to Johnny, and that all which he sees is colored in that way, would never work for him. He’d simply never understand it in that way.

We cannot change a persons internal paradigm, we must simply present the understanding until the "light clicks" in their own understanding at which point the entire situation is presented and perceived in a whole new way.

This is true of our own understandings as well. We must take the time to simply question how we view things until we discover answers that create the shifts in our paradigms of those things.

Going back to the topic at hand - our filters are merely the perceptions and paradigms we currently have which alter how we perceive who we are, what is around us, and where we are able to go within the present moment.

By considering ourselves as conduits of energy we can become more mindful of the energies we are taking in.

... and not all energies are beneficial. This was discussed in Lesson one when we talked about limiting forms of informational energy which can seed our subconscious nature to inhibit our potentials.

Many forms of energy can cause drainage, or leaks to our own levels of energy. These draining energies will create imbalance within our systems, our thoughts, our memories, and our understandings.

Everything becomes off center if we lose awareness of what we are taking in.

Energy is absorbed through our diet, the people around us, the information we take in daily, and what thought loops we continue to entertain in our minds.

We are able to better magnify our internal energies through physical exertion such as exercise, yoga, and aerobics. This works similar to investing money. We must spend energy such as we do when investing money into the asset that gives us a return. In this case it is our body that is the asset.

Our body will increase its ability to absorb and transmute the energies we put into it and will give us a return on what we spend as investment through physical activity.

There are additional points of energy that affect us, but for the purposes of this course overall we will focus only on the sources that lend more direct influence towards our ability to shift direction and maintain control of purposeful reality creation.

The point of maintaining positive levels of energy is quite straightforward. The better you source your energy and tend to your physical and mental assimilation of this energy, the greater your creative output will be.

When we embark on this journey of purposeful creation and potential activation, the amount of effort you are able to spend will directly coincide with the amount of positive energy you can gain and use efficiently.

Diet and exercise are important, but we are not merely talking about the physical levels of energy necessary. Information exists as a form of energy as well so remember to be mindful of what goes in and how you entertain that information as relevant.

What you absorb into your mind creates the foundation from which your thoughts will arise. The qualities of your thoughts, ideas, and expressions are directly related to what information you process each and every moment.

As a whole, reality is nothing more than energy. Through the process of creation, the flow of energy through us in the form of effort and awareness, we actively participate in the changing of the energies that make up our reality. On a physical level this changing reality will become our ever unfolding experience of existence.

Here's A Meditative Exercise To Help With Energy Balance

Based on my experience and knowledge of energy absorption and transmutation, it is hard to block energy coming in - especially for sensitive people.

No matter what we try to do in order to prevent the energy from being absorbed, we will take in the energy... I think it is best to learn how to detach from what the energy creates inside of us so that we can then utilize a process of transmutation and releasing of it.

As that is practiced it becomes routine to simply breathe out and let go of unwanted energies as they are absorbed, keeping us in balance without feeling like we must "resist" the energy through blocking it.

Attempting to resist or block energy will ultimately create more adverse energy as blocking or resisting is fighting the flow of universal principle of what energy is and how it works.

There are ways to reverse the absorption and retaining of unwanted energies while amplifying and enhancing our own beneficial energies! 

As said before we can either be conduits of energy (meaning energy we take in we can then release), or we can become the alternative as batteries of energy (meaning energy we take in we store).

To become a conduit is to always allow energy to release as it is received. We take in Source energy, we release it as creative energy. 

When we take in external energy from others, we must consciously release the energy

Becoming aware of the source of the energy is the first step. When we pay attention to the fact we absorb another's energy, or energy from any other source beyond us, we can then make a choice to let it pass through us instead of allowing it to linger.

This is a matter of Heart - Brain union. To release (or utilize Source) energy effectively, we must make it a practice towards keeping our energy centers in a state of balanced rotation.

We do not have to work on "raising vibrations" or trying to be anything that we are not... we simply must create a balance point.

It's actually more simple than people realize, therefore they have subconscious doubts to how it works.

So, you've just taken energy in from someone that you need to release? You realize you have this energetic baggage attached?

Place your hands palms together. The left palm is a negative charge, the right is a positive charge.

You focus on your heart center and tune in to your love of self. You elevate your love and value of self in your mind to the highest degree.

You can affirm, you can soothe with words. Speaking the words of love out loud initiates resonance within and outside of yourself.

You breathe into your heart from the light of source through the crown, or the top of your head. Next step is to merge the light within your heart and in your mind's eye you circulate the energy you've acquired within every part of your body into this breath.

Then you exhale your breath and claim out loud, in love of yourself "This energy is released, I am cleared"... Do this a few times and you will feel tremendously lighter afterwards.

You can take this a step further and do this outside in the sunlight, allowing the sun to light your crown and be absorbed along with imagining the cosmic light of Source being absorbed as well.

You can also stand barefoot outside. These are not necessary... If you are inside, simply imagine as the light enters your crown that an energetic grounding "anchor" is dropped into the earth and reaches the center of the planet, anchoring your energetic body.

What you are accomplishing through this practice is the creation of a complete energetic circuit within your energy body as well as your physical body.

The breathing pulls in Life Force, or Prana, whatever you desire to call it. The act of merging the unwanted energy with the breath allows you to release it through self love, spoken words, and the Mind - Heart union.

This works for me, as I am highly sensitive to energy. Not only does this release the unwanted energy, it greatly amplifies your own energy.

As you practice this you will find the magnitude of your own energy grow to a point that YOUR energy sticks to others around you more so than theirs sticking to you - yet your energy will be received as energy from Source.

This begins your path as a healer through the use of Source energy, as well as gives you access to the greater creative faculties that are latent within your being. The access to these faculties is the open doorway towards expressing your potential in the physical realm through manifestation.

Divine Energy: Union Between Source, Masculine & Feminine Energy

This part of the lesson is going to teach you how to balance your energies in a way that brings practical influence to your creative abilities. 

Practicing the balancing methods detailed below will give you internal power of creation to transmute these energies into the physical world around you! 

If you want a life of your own making, a reality you are fulfilled within, balancing these energies is a crucial step.

This is the understanding followed by the steps and tips for doing so.

What Are Divine Energies?

Bare with me as I throw out some information that on the surface may seem confusing at first, but we are only taking a little bit of the information to find an understanding.

If you would rather skip ahead to the balancing of your energies, you may do so. However, having an understanding of this may be useful!

This represents the balance of energies that reality is on the levels of consciousness, intellect, and emotion.

Here are some descriptions of each sphere (also called Sefirot) within this Tree of Life. We won't go into too much detail about the Kabbalah tree of life, but we will get an understanding about the divine energies for creation of reality.

  • Keter - "Crown": Divine Will to create. Infinite Light of the Creator. The Universal Mind.
  • Chokhmah - "Wisdom": First unbounded flash of an idea before it takes on limitations. Male light. Divine reality. First revelation or creation from nothingness.
  • Binah - "Understanding": The infinite flash of Chochmah brought into the vessel of understanding to give it grasp of breadth and depth. Feminine vessel that gives birth to the emotions, reason, understanding. Brings purification to the soul.
  • Da'at - "Knowledge": Central state of unity of the ten spheres known as the Tree of Life.
  • Chesed - "Kindness": Loving grace of free giving. Love of Divine. Inspiring vision.
  • Gevurah - "Judgment": Strength, severity, discipline, judgment, withholding, awe of Divine.
  • Tiferet - "Beauty": Symmetry. Balance between Kindness and Judgment in compassion.
  • Netzach - "Eternity": Perpetuity, victory, or endurance.
  • Hod - "Splendor": Withdrawal. Surrender. Sincerity.
  • Yesod - "Foundation": Connecting to the task to accomplish. Wholly remembering. Coherent knowledge.
  • Malkuth - "Kingship": Exaltedness (Noble) & Humility. All the other spheres flow into Kingship (like the moon which has no light of its own), and it is the final revelation of the Divine. The receiver and the giver.

You don't have to be an expert about these to know how to work within the energies of masculine and feminine balance.

Balancing The Masculine & Feminine Energies

The balance of masculine and feminine energy is represented within the Yin & Yang symbol. 

Yin is the feminine energy represented, Yang is the masculine energy represented.

Giving is an action of our divine masculine, and receiving is an action of our divine feminine, and a balance of both energies is when we feel harmonious within.

Simple, yet strangely a challenge to achieve.

We’re all born with both yin and yang energies; we all have the potential to lean more towards one polarity or the other.

It's almost an impossible goal to obtain a "perfect" balance within these energies. They are always within a state of fluctuation.

It's best to simply become aware of how they correlate together and stay within the balances of where you tend to reside the most.

There are 4 representations of Yin & Yang, feminine and masculine energy. They are:

  • Greater Yin, 
  • Lesser Yin,
  • Greater Yang,
  • Lesser Yang.

Find the variations you resonate with and work within your understandings and balances to create harmony within yourself.

Greater Yin Energy

This polarity is highly feminine energy. It's characterized by stillness, nighttime, intuition, creativity, feelings, and senses.

IS THIS YOU? You feel it all. You feel things sometimes before actually understanding them. You have a bleeding heart and tend to side with the underdog. You may require more alone time than most. It’s possible others have called you “needy” or “sensitive” before. You may not necessarily be an introvert, but you likely exhibit introverted tendencies.

YOUR STRENGTHS: You’re great at getting vulnerable, honest, transparent, and authentic. It’s a beautiful thing! It’s nearly impossible for you not to be in integrity. You’re wise and pensive and have the ability to connect deeply with any person or situation. When your energies are in balance, most people feel special in your presence and that they’re totally seen, heard, and understood by you.

THE IMBALANCE: You’re such an empath, you can easily be an energy sponge and take on the energy of any environment you’re in. This can be very dis-empowering for you. You’re especially in tune with parts of the day that hurt your feelings. Even if just a few minutes of an entire twenty-four-hour period didn’t go your way, you’ll likely ruminate over those few minutes, rather than feel empowered by the entire glorious day you just had. It’s like your mind is being held hostage by your own feelings and cyclic thoughts.

Remember how the yin/feminine is stillness? Too much stillness can feel isolating and lonely and can lead to staying in unhealthy relationships (personal or professional) for too long. It can also be exhausting for your friends.

While they love and value how real and vulnerable you are, they may start to feel responsible for your happiness and resentful of your sadness. They don’t want to pity you; they think far too highly of you for that.

TOOLS FOR BALANCING: Meditate, journal, sleep, nap, take time to yourself. Set aside time to feel your feelings. They’re your superpower. Cry just to cry, throw an adult temper tantrum, or dance it all out. The key is to set aside daily time for this practice and get ahead of the feelings.

For you, feelings are like a portal to your intuition and internal navigation system. They offer you helpful feedback. When you don’t set aside enough time for them, that feedback may come in retroactively, as it can take you longer than most to process "what in the world just happened".

To use your feelings as foresight and not hindsight, create space for them. Try to schedule in twenty-minute blocks of sacred space once to twice daily: Mornings before work, an afternoon re-calibration, or the evenings in between switching gears are all great times to tune in to you. Meditations on separation and grounding are highly beneficial to you.

Giving will put you in action and offer you your power back. Give, volunteer, help a friend out, or practice random acts of kindness.

Stop asking for advice and forfeiting your power to others and start turning to your intuition to empower yourself. When giving more and taking less, you’re elevating your energy from your second chakra—your feelings center, where insecurities are stored—to your heart chakra.

Your heart chakra is your love, abundance, and compassion center, where unity, cohesion, and a sense of belonging happens. You’re going from isolation, worries, and problems to connection, confidence, and solutions.

Lesser Yin Energy

The Lesser Yin is slightly more fluid: Composition ranges from 60 percent to 80 percent yin and 20 percent to 40 percent yang energy.

IS THIS YOU? In general, you’re pretty well balanced. You’re sensitive and curious and likely more creative than analytical and more introverted than extroverted. You’re self-aware, and you’re able to go with the flow. You may find yourself surrounded by more-dominant personalities that tend to take charge.

Your process is all yours, sometimes slower than others, but it’s your journey of self-discovery, and you appreciate truly connecting with it. You’re enthralled by the process.

YOUR STRENGTHS: You create a safe space everywhere you go. You’re fluid with your feelings, allowing other people to explore theirs. You’ll often advocate for those who aren’t advocating for themselves—even if you don’t always advocate for yourself!

THE IMBALANCE: Rolling with the punches is rad, for as long as it’s making YOUR life easier. If it leads to too much self-sacrificing or self-abandoning, it’s going to catch up with you and eventually feel like bitterness, resentment, or like you’re being taken for granted. It’s okay to express your needs. They’re just as valuable and important as anyone else’s.

You may have a tendency to jump to assumptions and make up stories in your head, rather than asking for further clarification.

Different strokes for different folks: Even if you don’t understand where a person is coming from (albeit pretty rare for you), try to take their words at face value and respect their way of being. Offer them a bit of credit as way of offering yourself some peace of mind. Let it go.

TOOLS FOR BALANCING: Creative projects are fun for you, as they can be just as insightful as they are productive. While you do value simply “sitting” with your feelings and having a meditation or journaling practice, you’re also into forward motion, resolutions, and measurable outcomes.

The creative process can be a perfect mirror for your spiritual growth, whether you’re learning the choreography to your favorite song or making a new handmade coffee mug in a pottery class. Plan to get time for yourself and have something to show for it.

Give back to yourself, first and foremost. Carve out time for your creative endeavors, as well as some self-care time. You need both.

The creativity will honor your yang, and the self-care will honor your yin. You’ve got a great balance of both, so honor it. Once you’ve replenished your well, give back to others.

A little goes a long way in helping you acknowledge how powerful and significant you truly are and how much you’re capable of impacting change.

Boundaries are also a big deal for you. Without them, your need for self-care may bleed into relationships and so you’ll get your feelings hurt a little too easily.

Take space for yourself and take notice of how much easier your relationships get, how much less you actually “need” from them, and how much more you’re able to offer in them. Boundaries will also help you assess who gets to sit at your table—and who does not.

Greater Yang Energy

This is as masculine an energy as it gets. Greater yang energy is assertive, goal-oriented, accomplished, and dominant. This energy is associated with daytime, activity, vision, and power.

IS THIS YOU? You’re a boss and you know it—everyone knows it. You’ve always been a natural leader. It’s likely the kids on the playground assigned you that role before you could even cognitively process the magnitude of your strengths. You’re a fabulous problem solver, you think big, dream big, and shift energy in a big way. You’d get bored otherwise.

YOUR STRENGTHS: You can hustle without feeling burned-out. You move mountains. You often save the day. You’re totally tapped into the bigger picture, and you’re fabulous at keeping your eyes on the prize.

You’re all mind over matter, and what a beautiful mind you have! You likely have a pretty robust constitution and hardly ever get sick. (Though when you do get sick, it likely knocks you out). 

You’ve been blessed with a little extra energy, motivation, and drive. You think fast, excel, and grow faster than most.

THE IMBALANCE: If you’re not already referring to yourself as type A, I’m sure others are. It’s easy for you to feel failed by or be disappointed in others.

People may not even bother helping you out because they know you’ll do a better job than they will. They may get easily intimated by you and not share really relevant, important information that could be impactful to your relationship with them.

You know what you want, and you’ve got the energy and drive to make it happen, so you do. This hustle comes so naturally to you, but you likely aren’t giving yourself enough credit for all you do.

It’s common for Greater Yang folks to overextend themselves and do all the things for all the people. You give too much and don’t receive enough.

Even if another won’t complete the task as well as you would, let them do it and reserve your energy. You know you’ll have plenty of opportunities to exercise your power; save your energy for those that count the most.

TOOLS FOR BALANCE: Can’t nobody stop a star from shining! Lean into your strengths without apology or trepidation. The sooner you own that you’re a strong, benevolent leader, the easier it will be for others to follow suit and help you out.

What’s cool about you is that while you were born with all this cosmic consciousness that has you totally winning in life, you’re also a sweetheart and not trying to win if it means others loose. Trust that everyone wins when you take control. It’s a position of great responsibility, and not for everyone.

Don’t be afraid to delegate, either: Let others pull through. Let them fail. Let it be a reflection of them and not you. Also, get comfortable watching people fall apart and make totally preventable mistakes.

It’s the only way they’ll learn and grow into better versions of themselves and become better able to support you.

Maybe it’s not that everyone else is so incompetent but it’s more that you’re ultra-competent. Before judging others or feeling let down, slow your roll. Take a moment to explain yourself and your expectations. Teach others how you work as way of inspiring them to rise. Repeat after me: “I am a great giver and an excellent receiver.”

Lesser Yang Energy

Now we’re moving into dominant Yang/masculine energy (60 to 80 percent). This type is a little more extroverted, active, and dominant, with a tendency to move through life at a faster pace.

IS THIS YOU? You’re open-minded and kindhearted. You expect a little more from life than most. You tend to be passionate and playful.

You’re into being creative and dreaming big with a healthy understanding of pragmatics and limitations. You’re future-oriented and great at accomplishing goals without taking yourself too seriously or getting too bummed when the stars don’t align.

YOUR STRENGTHS: Everyone seems to be drawn to you. You’re curious and always learning and growing. You have this knack for finding the magic in people and experiences.

You make life look easy!

You have a lovely balance of fierce and flow with a great sense of adventure and a healthy work-life balance. There’s way too much life out there to discover to limit yourself to just one area of interest.

THE IMBALANCE: You’ve got a little extra yang (cosmic creation) energy in you, and if you don’t use it wisely, it will turn against you.

Despite everything being great, you may feel trapped, stuck, or anxious. You may even feel ungrateful for all your blessings and sabotage a healthy job or relationship because it’s too peaceful.

TOOLS FOR BALANCE: Nurture your never-ending curiosity, innocence, sense of adventure, and desire for growth.

Join classes; get into something new on the regular! I’m talking one or two new hobbies each year. Maybe it’s dance, a foreign language, leaning how to invest in cryptocurrency.

Whatever it is, you will ultimately outgrow it and need something new. Plan for this so it doesn’t surprise or upset you.

Create a bucket list of all you wish to do in your lifetime and see how many of those you can accomplish each year. Add in some adventure and it will reduce the drama in your life. Prioritize it as self-care.

Just because you’re often the life of the party doesn’t mean it’s your social responsibility to go to every party. Just because others feel close to you doesn’t mean you’re obliged to reciprocate the feeling.

You’re the kind of person everyone wants as a best friend. Do yourself a favor and be your own best friend first and choose other best friends according to how much value they add to your life, not how much value you’re adding to theirs.

You don’t have to be a slave to your own magic. Honor it with healthy boundaries and send your fans some psychic love.

Bringing In Masculine Energy

1. Do Something Competitive

In nature, you can clearly see that males physically fight each other, flaunt their beauty, and use their calls to compete. Humans are no different.

Competition is where your masculine traits step up to the plate. If you are someone who is not generally competitive, ask a friend to help you out. Some ideas may be:

  • Play a video game
  • Set an aggressive goal at work
  • Engage in some type of sport
  • Create a cook-off (Invite friends to judge)
  • Compete in a dance battle

These are just a few ideas. You can turn almost anything into a competition. Have fun and play to win!

2. Construct a Project

The mathematical mind is a masculine trait. The goal here is to utilize measurements, angles, and tools. You can create anything from a small bird house to a backyard deck.

Be consistent in setting time aside each week until the project is complete. To learn the tools you will need and step by step guidance, consider finding inspiration from a:

  • Local company who sells building supplies
  • Weekend “how to” class
  • Pinterest
  • Book store
  • Local organization like Habitat for Humanity (they are more than happy to guide you) 

3. Read Up on the Latest Science

The written word as well as science comes from the masculine side of your brain. This action is a two-for-one activity. If you don't feel like digging in to an entire book of science, choose a topic of interest and begin with articles or new studies.

4. Test Physical Strength

Pushing your lifting and opening power beyond everyday chores can spark useful masculine energy. Try:

  • Lifting weights
  • Moving some furniture to give a new look to your space
  • Carrying as many grocery bags as you can from your car to the house
  • Taking your yoga practice to the next level with headstands or handstands
  • Meditating on the Solar Plexus

Remember to be safe, and consult your medical doctor before engaging in greater physical activity.

5. Relax When Your Work is Done

Feminine energy is flowing, ever changing. Females tend to go from one project to the next, always searching for something else around them that 'needs' to be done.

While this is great, balance is key. Relaxing is also a human need. Men have an easier time understanding that sitting on the couch or playing a game has been earned. Anything you consider leisure time can be done in this step.

Bringing In Feminine Energy

1. Create Art

The side of your brain responsible for creativity can be found on the feminine side. To utilize this energy, you may try:

  • Redecorating a room
  • Painting a canvas
  • Signing up for a local art class
  • Doing a project with the kids (you are never too old to finger paint!)
  • Buying a coloring book
  • Making music

This list could get extremely long.

Your personality and experiences can be expressed in countless renditions of art. Have fun, try something new, and all while releasing any thoughts of the end result.

2. Nurture

A strong female trait is to nurture life. This could be anything from plants to people. Most people think of children when they hear the word ‘nurture.’

Unfortunately, that thought alone has created an imbalance. Everyone craves to be nurtured and to nurture others. This is an inner strength that can be expressed in various forms:

  • Encourage those around you
  • Use your personal resourcefulness and experiences to guide those who could benefit
  • Be a vessel of positive energy
  • Nurture yourself and others with fresh food, water, and rest 
  • Touch: Hugs, cuddles, massage, high-fives, and fist bumps

3. Give Intuition the Wheel

Using intuition (feminine) versus an analytical mind (masculine) is the task in this step.

Many people have been trained to use their analytical mind when working on any challenge or just navigating through life in general. If you are driving and your gut says to turn left, but the GPS says to turn right, you begin to tell yourself if you turn right you may get lost, you will use more gas, etc.

Your intuition is your internal GPS and is never wrong. Why?

Because your senses and your higher-self can see and feel things that your basic human senses cannot. Practice following your gut instincts, take note of where it leads you, and record what blessings and lessons you gather along the way.

The more you build this muscle the stronger it will become.

4. Welcome Emotions

From the time you were a small child, you probably remember hearing phrases such as, 'Suck it up, or I will give you something to cry about,’ or ‘Stop being a baby.'

These little words can leave a large impact. You begin to look at emotions as a weakness. In fact, they are quite the opposite.

Crying isn't the only emotion you have, but it is certainly on the top of the list of those you try to hide, push down, or run from.

Expressing emotions is not only a way to keep yourself on a good balance of masculine and feminine energy, it's good for your personal health, improves relationships, and builds self-awareness.

5. Think Holistically

The word ‘holistic’ means to look at any situation as a whole. In health, this thought process is to treat all aspects of human health in mind, body, and soul versus just the area of discomfort.

In photography, it is to look at the entire picture instead of zoning in on just one color or object.

Think of ways throughout your day that you can bring in a more holistic approach. Looking at the full completed version – how one act, thought, or process affects the other.

Balancing Your Feminine and Masculine Sides

Your life is in constant motion. Change is the one certainty you can count on. With this fact, take each moment of balance as they come.

One week, you may need to focus more attention on your feminine side, the next week the masculine. Each task you face requires a different tool; think of balancing energies from the same perspective.

Consider what has been going on in your life recently.

Have you spent a great deal of time in an environment that forced you to be in a 'survival mode' that demanded an overdose of masculine energy?

If so, you automatically know the female side needs some attention.

Same holds true with a career that requires all day, everyday nurturing, like being a teacher in an elementary school.

If you have spent the majority of your time being nurturing, show that masculine side some one-on-one time.

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