Lesson 2

Dual Nature of Reality: Potentiality vs. Conditionality

Our reality is in a constant state of flux. The only thing that remains the same is the state of constant change!

When it comes to the idea of change we naturally regress at this idea. Our human nature is to feel uncomfortable with change, and with good reason.

On a primal level we seek to avoid pains and we seek to acquire pleasure. The avoidance of pain most often will outweigh the pleasure we seek.

Change brings an element of unknown. When things remain as they are we may not gain much pleasure, but we know the threshold of the pains that we receive. We have adapted our tolerance of the pains.

In order to avoid the possibility of these pains increasing, simply because we do not know what may happen through change, we choose to remain where and how we are.

We can attribute much of our fear of expansion to this principle that what is unknown is easier to leave that way. 

We fear that which we are not comfortable with, that which is change, that which is unknown.

The entire future is unknown, the only constant state of the universe is change, and to exit our comfort zones is the essence of growth and transcendence.

Understanding the dual nature of reality we live within can help us break through this barrier. This understanding will open the door to Universal Flow. Within the flow adapting to change becomes tolerable, even enjoyable over time.

What is Reality?

In order to access the state of reality where our creative abilities extend beyond our conditional state into the realm of unlimited potential we must understand reality as it is in a holistic way.

Let's grab a few definitions from Dictionary.com to create an example:


  1. the state or quality of being real.
  2. resemblance to what is real.

This definition gives us a idea of the conditional state of reality. I call this state Conditionality as a reference term.

The conditional state of reality, Conditionality, is your reality as it is now. The place that you are, the way that you are, the things that you have, the time that it is now.

Our conditional state is the manifestation of what the potential state can be. Up until this moment in time all previous moments you've existed in have accumulated. All moments accumulate into the conditional state of reality.

Problems arise when this state of reality is the only state within which we reside at mental, emotional, and energetic levels.

When we are considering potential, life purpose, and how each moment builds upon the next allowing a future that is designed and created consciously to unfold, the conditional state creates the sensation of doubt.

Giving too much power to Conditionality creates the following scenario of what is around us, being that as our primary concept of reality, appearing limited because it is what it is... "the state or quality of being real."

This limited state perpetuates and reaffirms doubts about how each present moment is where our power to influence reality into new versions exists.

We become prisoners to the conditions of our reality. The "resemblance to what is real".

Let's take this definition one step further and explore the alternate reality where potential is found.

According to Dictionary.com, the philosophical definition of reality goes as such:


  1. something that exists independently of ideas concerning it.
  2. something that exists independently of all other things and from which all other things derive.

This is the basis of understanding the potential state of reality, which I term as Potentiality for easy referencing.

The potential state of reality exists independently of ideas concerning it meaning it doesn't matter what you believe to be true or not, the potential for reality to exist differently is there. Constant change is the only constant state of universe.

The second aspect of this definition is really where Potentiality becomes powerful. In this state, reality exists independently of all other things (such as the conditional state) from which all other things derive (access to all things within and beyond the conditional state).

The conditional state of reality is derived from the potential state of reality, regardless of what the conditions currently are due to the fact that the potential state of reality exists independently of all other things or ideas about it.

In order to experience Conditionality (the reality around you, what is real, the resemblance of what is real) in ways you truly desire (resemblance of your purest potential), you will learn to access the potential state of reality and discover how to build within it to a point that you consciously begin deriving your conditional state from within this absolute and unlimited potential.

Shifting From Conditional Into Potential Right Now, Where You Are, At Any Time

I wish I could give you more practical advice than what I am about to give you. Unfortunately, much of this sounds theoretical, though an internalization and understanding of these points is necessary for accessing Potentiality and creating from within it.

Creating from within it. That is the key aspect of Potentiality.

Going back to the definition of reality, Potentiality is defined as being "from which all other things derive."

Let me ask you this, the things around you, from where did they come from? Everything you use daily, every bit of your reality which you experience in the conditional state?

Where did all of this begin?

The answer is a simple one with immense impact beyond such simplicity of the answer: the imagination.

We humans are gifted with a consciousness that can model our reality in our minds, imagining the potential states of what it can be.

Going further, through deliberate processes, we take such a mental picture then convert it into a plan of action or blueprint, transfer the steps into actual action, and through continual action (habits we build) allow it to emerge as the conditional state of reality which we experience in the present moment.

That is the exact process for accessing Potentiality and reeling it into the conditional state of reality.

Not only should we imagine the external nature of reality to bring into existence, we should imagine our internal associations of ourselves within this reality as well.

We gain doubts, limitations, and blockages / resistance when we have an image of ourselves that is not congruent to the image of reality we desire to create.

The subconscious nature of who we are opposes the potential state we are attempting to access. This is the reason behind the first lesson of this course.

We will actually expand upon lesson one a bit right now.

The imagination is much more powerful than simply being able to access a potential external nature of reality and create it. 

It also allows us to see ourselves experiencing this reality in all of its parts.

For example, if you desire your reality to be one where you have created a successful business in which you are enjoying the daily experience in the conditional state of operating and growing this business, if you've never experienced this before, your subconscious mind has no clue what that is like.

Your subconscious fears will prevent the changes that are necessary from happening internally, and our external reality is the direct reflection of our internal state.

When we doubt or fear what the external could be due to our internal fear and doubt, we will experience resistance for moving through the conditional state in ways which derive from the potential state we are imagining.

Our association of self within the external nature of this potential reality, the ability to see ourselves in action and experiencing this potential reality, will align our internal nature with the external nature of Potentiality. 

In order to align the idea of creating a business on the internal and external nature, you would have to do more than simply imagine the idea of having a business. You will have to put yourself into the imagined idea on a subjective level, experiencing in your mind how it would feel to do even the smallest of tasks associated with that conditional state of reality.

Within the potential state of our mind we access potential reality as it is to be in the conditional - both the internal and external aspects of it.

From our creativity, our thought processes, our ability to pursue new actions and habits, we will begin to move through the conditional state in a way that the potential state begins to emerge.

One field of thought I recommend you studying is called Psycho-Cybernetics. The book, Psycho-Cybernetics is one that extensively covers how the self image is a powerful mechanism for governing our potential to change into the type of person that can creatively and consciously advance through life at the conditional level but from within the state of potential.

The potential state is unlimited.

We even have doubts as to whether or not we are talented enough, have the capabilities, the skills. 

What we fail to understand when these doubts arise and we give them weight is that our unlimited potential covers this too. If you do not have the skill, the first aspect of creating this new reality is unlocking the potential to acquire the necessary skill.

If you believe you do not have the talent to obtain the necessary skill, realize this about talent: it is nothing but a skill itself - the skill of practice.

Talent is not something we are born with, aptitude is. Aptitude does not denote the final level of talent, it only gives way to an easier adaptation of a talent into skill.

Another book to read into is "The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown. Here's How." which extensively explains how any human can learn the skill to acquire any talent they put their mind to.

Remember this about Potentiality - it exists independently of any idea or other thing in regards to it, and it is from which ALL things derive - even your skills, your talents, and your abilities and capacities to exist within this state at the conditional level of experience.

Here's What To Take Away From This Lesson

  1. Take the time to ponder your conditional reality and also take the time to begin imagining potential states of reality. Explore these imaginations and see yourself existing within them. Take notes of what skills you think are associated with progressing through the conditional state towards the emergence of this potential state you wish to create.
  2. Remember that doubt is simply the fear of what is unknown, the fear of being uncomfortable, the fear of change. Fighting the flow of an ever changing universe is like walking upstream smack in the middle of a roaring river. Give in to the flow of change, embrace being uncomfortable in faith of this flow, and know that all that is unknown is what we make it out to be - either fear of what could go wrong, or love of the miracles to be received.
  3. Devote yourself to practice and mastery. When you determine that you have the resolve to move through change, through fear, in order to overcome your doubts you will unlock Potentiality. The next step is to align the internal and external versions of Potentiality within your mind. The final step will be determining the skills, the changes, you will need to make in order to advance through Conditionality according the the potential state you are creating. Devoting yourself to practicing and mastering these skills will give you the absolute harmonious nature of alignment between these two aspects of reality in order to create them as manifested experiences.
  4. Remember to continue seeding your subconscious mind and continue your work of rewiring this nature as you begin shifting from Conditionality into Potentiality. A combination of these steps will open up the floodgates of potential and opportunity in your life.

Watch This Short Video To Get An Idea Of The Power Of Potentiality Accessed Through Imagination And Subconscious Belief

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