Lesson 1

Training The Subconscious: Access The Deepest Part Of Yourself For Radical Shifts In Your Life

In the field of psychology the human mind is denoted as conscious, preconscious and unconscious.

Psychology is a field limited to only the understanding of the human brain itself, however, and is thus limited as a complete function for purposeful accessing of potential and highest achievement.

Sigmund Freud’s revelations for psychology revealed a lot and have advanced psychology as a form of science, but for the sake of universal appreciation these terms are far too minuscule.

Esoteric teachings view the aspects of Mind in a much more cohesive manner as they are related to aspects of reality, existence, and the universe as a whole.

The first part of Mind we want to understand is the conscious mind.

This is the aspect of Mind which is taking in each word being read and making the deliberate decision to accept or deny what is being presented.

The conscious mind is our immediate awareness towards what is happening around us and what we are currently focused upon. The conscious mind works in a limited capacity.

Rather than dive into the scientific nature, such as the prefrontal cortex and its role as the primary functioning center for most decision making thought processes, we'll get an understanding for the nature of conscious thought as applied to day to day life.

The same will go for the subconscious mind and its primary region in the brain, the basal ganglia. The goal of this lesson is mostly about practical application rather than a dissertation of the physical mechanisms involved.

According to science, the conscious mind can only hold a limited number of simultaneous thoughts at any given time. It's commonly stated that the conscious mind can hold anywhere from 5-7 thoughts at a time.

The role of this mind is to make decisions, to accept or deny, and to focus on an individual task at hand. This mind is the mind of the present moment in which we are immediately aware of where we are, what we are doing, and what immediate implications are at hand.

The conscious mind, on an energetic level, consumes much more energy than the subconscious mind does. If it were not for the subconscious mind assisting the conscious mind in the ways we will soon cover, we would reach exhaustion rapidly.

The subconscious mind operates on a totally different scale and by a different set of "rules" than the conscious mind.

Our brains process an enormous amount of thoughts per day. Some experts believe that number to be anywhere between 50,000 up to 80,000 thoughts processed every single day.

Each thought is a firing of neurons, a spark of electrical energy spent. Each thought consumes a portion of the total amount of energy we are able to acquire each day.

Balancing the conscious and subconscious aspects of Mind is as much about altering our patterns of thought, the basic thought processes we experience each day, as much as it is about efficiently aligning our energy so that we may direct our total energies towards more purposeful creation.

The subconscious mind assists the conscious mind and its limited capacity to process thoughts at any given moment. The subconscious is like a giant pool of thoughts. As a pool of thoughts it holds onto an enormous amount of information at all times, filtering out what it deems important and presenting our conscious mind with this information in order to act on in a decisive way.

Many people have troubles in reprogramming their thought processes. When a person receives thought patterns that are not conducive to new changes they wish to apply to life, altering what information is in the pool of thought of the subconscious mind becomes a paramount task to perform.

The subconscious mind does not have the same ability as the conscious mind does, that being the ability to accept or deny information it is presented. The subconscious mind will take any thought, idea, or information and hold on to it without bias. It soaks in all information, and the more repetitive the information is, the stronger the association to importance in the subconscious it becomes.

The first step of the process involves attuning the subconscious mind to the conscious thought patterns you desire it to lend itself towards.

Before you even attempt to change the thoughts you experience daily, the step of information you give to your subconscious mind becomes the primary focal point.

The subconscious mind can be represented as a massive lake (similar to the pool analogy). Within this lake is information that has been stored, existing as "fish" to be pulled out.

The conscious mind sits on the bank of this lake full of thought-fish and it grabs whatever thought-fish bite the line. The only fish that bite are the ones present in the lake. Your conscious mind receives and acts upon what it catches from this subconscious lake as thoughts to act upon. 

Your pool of thought is only limited by what kind of thought-fish are stocked in this lake of the subconscious mind.

If you wish to change the quality of your thoughts, the nature of your thoughts, and the actual patterns of thinking you experience every day, you must learn how to send information into your subconscious mind and change the pool of thoughts that it pushes through your mind on a daily basis.

Getting information to the subconscious can be finicky, tedious, and will require attention - but it is well within the realm of possibility.

The third aspect of Mind is a state which is accessed directly within the creative process itself. The superconscious mind is a collection of information and ideas that seem to exist around us rather than within us - but make no mistake, this information is found within our very genetic coding just as much as it is within the very fabric of the universe itself.

When it comes to this pool of thought, if our subconscious mind is a lake, the superconscious mind is every ocean, lake, river, or other body of water that exists. In fact this pool of thought is woven within the fabric of our universe at every level. To call it a "pool" of thought is even a disservice to this aspect of Mind. The universe IS this information itself.

When creativity is engaged and our brains enter certain frequency wavelengths, we become the conduits for this form of thought energy. The information and ideas we gain access to are limitless and the quality of them may be beyond our own current understanding at the time.

Before we can truly access the superconscious on a steady basis, our conscious and subconscious minds will need to be aligned in a cohesive way towards a creative decision. Once this decision is engaged with these two aspects of Mind in alignment, the superconscious information will begin to transmit itself much like a radio frequency being received by a radio.

Now that we have a decent understanding of the various aspects of Mind, what can we do with this knowledge? Where does one begin to align the conscious and subconscious minds?

Using Information For Programming Your Subconscious Mind

You’re likely beginning to see how all of this shapes up towards you being able to create your own destiny by unlocking the potential you already have access to.

The process is relatively straightforward, and the principle of it is simple, the complexity arises from some of the practical applications.

I won’t lie or sugarcoat this in anyway - the first step is likely going to be the most difficult, but also the most crucial and rewarding for the long term success at embodying this approach to life.

You may or may not realize this, but you currently operate according to a set program that your subconscious mind has already developed. Your daily habits are born directly of this overall program, and your character is molded by the consequences of these habits.

With habits being key builders of the reality around, it should come as no surprise that gaining and maintaining control of the programming of this all encompassing subconscious aspect is critical to future endeavors of purpose and deliberate choice.

Information is the first aspect of a six phased layering approach towards creating your destiny by design (more on this process will be disclosed at a later time).

In and of itself the term information is ambiguous. What is information exactly?

The best way to realize information is to see it two fold: as data and energy. Information is nothing more than data and energy, and knowing this will bring tremendous value to you as you begin the stages of rewriting your mental nature.

Our thoughts depend on this rewrite, and our thoughts lead us through the remainder of the phases up to the point that our habits mold our character and our destiny begins emerging as a result.

As you read these words, information is flowing through your brain in the form neuron synapses firing... electrical surges taking place.

Thinking is electrical and measurable. The flow of information fires up this electrical nature, and through this understanding we can grasp a further understanding that information is a form of energy.

We absorb energy from outside of ourselves and allow it to flow through us as conduits of energy. Information is much the same in this way: we absorb information and then we communicate this information in the form of words, actions, and behaviors.

Our subconscious mind absorbs information and retains whatever will bypass the critical nature of the conscious mind. Information that is stored transforms itself from an energetic state to one of data held within our being.

The subconscious mind is more than our brain. Our DNA - our basic genetic makeup - is nothing more than information stored as data. The subconscious information you retain does not simply store itself within your brain but also within your very genetic coding.

Your DNA retains information gained through experiences you subjectively live through. In this sense, your entire body makes up your subconscious mind’s data bank of stored information. It's also true that information from your ancestors is stored within your DNA. DNA is inherited from previous generations.

What many people consider "karmic family patterns" can be attributed in part to the subconscious nature of our genetic information playing a role in our lives.

Many esoteric teachings offer insights into meditative cleansing of various organs, meridian points, chakra centers, and so on due to the understanding that memories, information, experiences are all stored through DNA and genetic encoding of informational and experiential data.

What our brain does for us is it decodes our physical sense of the reality we are in and presents the information we gather through our senses as a perception of our experience.

The brain is connected intricately through our central nervous system to every other part of our body and becomes an energetic informational highway for all of the data gained through our senses.

The most direct way to reprogram the entirety of our subconscious mind is through the brain with the understanding that the brain sends all information encoded within it throughout this interconnected highway.

This means that your body may have stored data within it which operates at the subconscious level, but it is still through the brain’s gathering of information that these programs are most readily overwritten.

Programming the subconscious goes further beyond just presenting information to the brain, however. From the point that the subconscious program is taking place your thought patterns begin to adapt to the new program being installed.

From these thought patterns the words you begin speaking out loud begin to engage your body and the subconscious encoding on more physical and resonance based levels.

The words then begin to shift your subconscious to thought patterns that start overwriting the natural tendencies of actions you take, and the actions you begin to perform add further influence to the overwriting on a physical level of the overall subconscious mind.

It starts with information, but at every level of the six phased approach I've developed, the emphasis on the subconscious program is strengthened and stacked, or layered, on top of previous points within the total process.

Our character is the culmination of all levels of subconscious programming starting from the information absorbed all the way through thoughts, words, actions, and habitual behaviors.

This may be a lot so far to gather. Information overload is a phenomenon of the conscious mind processing too much energy (obviously in the form of information) without it being fully transmuted into data stored on a subconscious level.

The conscious mind will reach full capacity of the information it can continuously and congruently handle and it feels to us as if the brain will simply shut down and all understanding of what we must do in the present moment, or what we even know about the subject we are learning, is lost to a haze of confusion.

It is for this reason that energetic centering is important. Centering is merely a way of slowing down energetic processes so that the mind and body can allocate more efficiently towards the process of decoding information, and then encoding it as data.

Thomas Edison is known for frequent naps primarily due to this reason. He stated that his best ideas came to him and he could fully grasp the complexities of them just upon falling asleep or upon awakening from slumber.

Many people meditate for this reason. Meditation has some misaligned notions that it is primarily a spiritual practice, or that the true power of such a routine is meant for us to connect with divine intelligent mind.

While I do not necessarily disagree with these notions, I feel that meditation is just as much about energy awareness and processing of the various energies we absorb throughout each day.

As for connecting with divine intelligent mind, my belief on this is that one connects with this nature of existence through creative processes just as readily as through energetic centering. Both sides of this same coin are necessary.

Through the creative process we attune our mind to a state of consciousness beyond our conscious or subconscious minds to what is describe as the superconscious mind - the abundant and infinitely potential source of knowledge that arises as epiphanies or revelations and seemingly channeled creative works.

Energetic centering is more complex than simply allowing the subconscious mind to process information into data. When we practice centering our energy and becoming “grounded”, what we are doing is pulling in the whole of our "bodily" energetic presence to a more condensed and steady state. 

Our "body" extends further than our skin and external nature into an energetic state that flows around us. When we lack grounding this energy can begin escaping us outside of ourselves and leaving us feeling drained or misaligned towards our creative processes. 

Centering ourselves condenses this external aura of energies into a more direct and accessible form for allowing intuitive processes to flow from our higher conscious self to our physical conscious self.

It is in this way that we are able to fine tune our connection to the divine intelligent mind through the creative process in an intuitive manner.

Ways You Can Reprogram Your Subconscious

Knowing how it works is the first step towards liberating yourself from unwanted and dis-serving patterns of thought.

The next step is moving from knowing to doing.

Here’s where we uncover the practical steps towards seeding information within our subconscious self which will alter your entire being and give you the power to begin on this path of unlocking your highest potential for creating your destiny by your own design.

In order for us to influence our subconscious mind we first need to be aware of information we absorb. Information is everywhere: the conversations we have with others, the shows and movies we watch, news media, social media, books we read, and just about any other part of reality we contact and take in through our senses.

The amount of information around us is immense!

The subconscious mind is very much unbiased in what it accepts and begins to act upon which is why it has its guardian - the conscious mind. The conscious mind, being the critical and deciding nature of consciousness itself, will filter out certain amounts of information from embedding too deeply in the subconscious.

The way in which information bypasses the guardian aspect of conscious mind is when the conscious mind is lulled into a dream-like state.

Any time we are entranced, daydreaming, zoned out, or submerged within any form of story, we are in what are known as semi-hypnotic states. These loose forms of hypnosis allow information to slip past the critical mind and seep into the subconscious.

Another factor that greatly influences what information is retained by the subconscious mind is the amount of emotional energy present as we subjectively experience a situation.

Subconscious pain, trauma, and hurt will take place when we experience moments of abuse, heated arguments, or experience anything that peaks our emotional state to an intense degree. 

The same is true for moments that we experience joy, bliss, and pure love - these experiences will store themselves as well, only to a lesser degree.

The downside to these two extremes is that negative experiences tend to store themselves as blockages for energetic flow through our being whereas positive experiences tend to flow into and through us out into our reality.

We subconsciously tend to hold on to the negativity and allow the positivity to be let go as energy spent, only retaining a small portion of these experiences within our subconscious being. 

The work that must be done is this: use tools and methods to clear blockages through positive information seeding, while following through the remaining lessons so that you can learn the ways which allow positive energy to continue flowing through, unrestricted, dissolving the negative blocks.

This flow of positive and conducive energy information builds through each of the lessons. Negative energy that is experienced while engaged in the processes to be detailed through this course, will cling less and less to the subconscious nature.

The positive energy will build and flow more abundantly, more freely. You will build up such a power that any extreme negative situation that would otherwise bring corruption if not engaged with this process, will not cling to your subconscious being. 

The immense power of the shift in energy absorption, energy utilization, and the thoughts, actions, and habits that result from this process will prevent the nature of negativity from latching on to the subconscious, and if any remnants do happen to attach, they will quickly dissipate.

The tools and methods for being able to seed positive information to the subconscious nature which oversees the totality of our being are easily obtained.

Tools such as

  • subliminal audios (the one offered with this course is extremely beneficial towards activating your potential to it's highest level, at all levels of your subconscious nature) 
  • hypnosis,
  • self hypnotherapy,
  • books that teach us new things,
  • journaling,
  • and speaking affirmations (creating physical connection and resonance between thoughts and reality),
  • and restricting information that is not helpful towards our purpose and destiny (such as news broadcasts which project fear and limitations of reality, the morning paper which does the same as news broadcasts, allowing your brain to “rot” by mindlessly scrolling social media, and limiting the amount of time spent absorbing needless forms of entertainment).

If you can substitute books in place of the news or newspapers (these forms of media and information are the absolute worst), find online reading material centered around self growth and universal principles, maybe watch a documentary or two, simply limit the amount of Netflix & Hulu binge watching you may be doing, and fix your social media platforms do be primarily growth oriented information (in case you find it too difficult to resist being on those platforms altogether)… then you will begin to free your mind from much of the information it receives that has a form of “brainwashed” control over you.

Along with information source substitutions adding the use of subliminal audios, self hypnotherapy sessions, and meditative practices for centering your energy will give you tremendous shifts and begin dissolving the energetic blockages that you have.

Lastly, beyond restricting information that can latch on to your subconscious nature, also be mindful of the conversations you engage yourself with.

Conversations that follow a nature of gossip, ridicule, or fit any other form of negative basis should simply be avoided.

If you find it not plausible to avoid altogether, then resist the urge to participate in these conversation. This falls under the idea of self-love and setting boundaries. I’ve had to dismiss many conversations that were of a nature I did not wish to hear or participate in by declaring such boundaries and then changing subject to something of a positive nature.

This should not be considered rude, or selfish... it is self-love, self-integrity, and self-respect.

This is another aspect of this process for activating and living your highest universal potential will require patience and compassion from you to yourself.

When you become mindful of the sheer amount of information you receive which is breaking through your mind into the subconscious, it can be a bit overwhelming.

You may also become aware that many of the substitutional ways of living are not things you enjoy or find easy to implement as part of your day to day activities.

The processes we are exploring here will work for anyone who put them into practice, but some may move at slower paces than others.

Further on when we arrive to later aspects of activating and accelerating your potential, we will learn the easiest ways with the least amount of resistance that give you the ability to shift from one side of this information spectrum to the other side designed to bring lasting change to your reality.

In Summary Here's What You Should Do Now

  1. At night (or during mediation) begin listening to the provided subliminal. You need not do anything outside of listening, relaxing, even falling asleep with it on is powerful. As you sleep your subconscious will begin seeding the subliminal transcript included within the track.
  2. Limit the amount of information that does not serve your highest emotional state, or your ability to realize your absolute potential. You should not stress about this, merely becoming aware of the information changes the ways it sinks to your subconscious nature.
  3. Begin to think about your creative side in any way you can. Potential is activated at the greatest levels during times of creative connection within ourselves, allowing the universal flow of consciousness to begin working through us.
  4. Remember that repetition is key for seeding and nurturing the process of information rewiring in the subconscious mind and body. Do not force your thoughts to change, simply create a habit of adding in useful information and paying attention to information you already are taking in. At least once a day listen to the subliminal track or find a hypnotherapy session you enjoy on YouTube.
  5. Lastly - remember to go easy with this! It's a process not an overnight fix. You will have moments of regression, you will feel at times it may not be working. Sticking with this process will add up to great amounts through persistence and repetition. Having self compassion and the resolve to be your highest self utilizing your greatest potential are all you need.

Watch This Short Video To Learn From A Master Epigenetics Doctor On The Subject Of Subconscious Reprogramming:

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