Inner Alchemy Formula

All information is energy.

We absorb and expend energy. The quality of energy we take in becomes the basis for the quality of creation we can turn it into.

The quality of information (energy) we take in becomes the basis for the quality of thoughts we create using that initiating energy.

Our information becomes our thoughts through deeper mind programming. Our thoughts come into our awareness, they are not created by our awareness. Two people can be aware of the same thing but have different thoughts about it. Their programs dictate their thoughts.

Your programs are dictating your thoughts right now as you read this. I can assure you, my thoughts and yours are different as we have different programs regarding this subject as it exists within our awareness.

Altering the program alters the thoughts. Thoughts are the basis for creation. They are the first energetic link of creation. They link the abstract realm of formless to the tangible realm of form.

Thoughts do this through ideas, inspiration, and intention.

Thoughts also initiate our words. Words are a form of resonance. Words are the beginning of vibrational states. Words affect how we feel, and how we feel is the foundation for how we act.

Feelings and actions together make up our attitudes and our behaviors.

Our actions have direct and indirect causation within reality. All cause generates effect. Acts of creation alter reality. Creation through purpose alters reality and initiates manifestation of further resources for evolution of purpose. The more aligned our attitudes and behaviors are through purpose, the faster and more intensely the responding manifestations will become.

Acts repeatedly performed begin to build momentum. Momentum consciously applied in the correct manner will develop into habits. Momentum is built slowly through small yet consistent acts of purpose. Habits take over once momentum initiates, this allows our will power to take a rest.

Conscious, purposeful creation, that has been developed into habits takes manifestation into the realm of abundance.

Habits of this nature will begin the process of a person crafting their self into a character capable and willing to harness their destiny according to purposeful manifestation, and this evolves into habitual abundance creation.

A person of this kind of character can consciously, with direct intention, decide on anything desired for their life and allow that to be. This allowance by such a character tunes directly into the universe in the most harmonious way, making it so.

This is the formula for any person alive to harness their destiny and design their life by conscious means.

This is the formula I apply and teach, if you would like to see if I can help you apply this to your life then let's have a chat about it.