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Would you like to know the exact habits wealthy, powerful, and happy people do while never having to think about them? Discover the...

Legendary Habits That Empower Empires; These World Class Habits (Used By The Few) Will Short-Cut Your Path Towards Living Your Ultimate Potential Every Day


0: Introduction To This Course - The Quest Begins!

Here is where you get acquainted with how I've laid out information and the best way you can follow along for top results. This course is organized in a very specific way and each lesson plays an important part with timing. I've done it this way so that you can learn, implement, and grow progress as you go. This is more than just information thrown at you, there are steps to take in the real world and you will quickly build positive momentum. This introduction shows you how it works and gets us acquainted!


Week 2: The First 30 Routine

This is where we settle into a rhythm of progress by crafting epic daily rituals and routines designed to empower our endeavors. This entire module focuses on strategies and tactics for creating your specific Destiny Hour. This is only the first part of the process and focuses on the overall strategy, we optimize the first 30 minutes of your Destiny Hour, and learn different rituals and routines you can use during for the 30 minutes.