life mastery Pillars:

The earth is experiencing a state of energetic evolution. Many people who are considered “old souls”, “star seeds”, and “indigos” have been coming into existence here, but many of them get caught up within the prevalent third dimensional societal construct (also called by many “The Matrix”).

They base most of their existence here upon the importance of a purpose within this construct and fail to see a larger more overarching picture.

If you think you are lost, you are thinking yourself into a box.

In order to begin the process of living a powerful and conscious driven life one of the greatest realizations one can make is to understand first that we are not our thoughts.

We are the awareness that can witness them.

Many people searching for a purpose in this world often fail to realize that once they operate from a basis of love, they are already doing the largest part of their purpose here just through the energetics of their being.

What I mean by this is that many of the more evolved souls and beings are here solely to add energetic imprints into the collective in order to cleanse and elevate the total energy and keep the frequency high for serving the rest of humanity.

Have you ever wondered why it’s so often stated that if you help others achieve what they want that in doing so you will gain what it is that you want?

Service to others is such a powerful energy because we are beings that are put here as servitors to a greater good - a common goal of unity, peace, and love throughout the collective of humanity.

What of our personal or individual life purpose?

As for our personal and individual life purposes - the best ways for us to live so that we are fulfilled is by releasing the need to discover our purpose before actually living it.

That may sound counter intuitive but that's how a purpose is found.

A purpose in life is rarely something one thinks about, decides on, then goes after.

The way a purpose is realized is by first considering what our personal gifts are. Look into your childhood and younger years.

What things did you naturally gravitate towards? What things come naturally to you that you're good at? What things exist that you have always wanted to try but have for some reason talked yourself out of?

Purpose is far less important than potential. Within our potential is an unlimited energy for accessing the amazing things we are capable of.

Most people that regularly perform acts of awesomeness within their lives, lives of others, and the world couldn't have cared less about their purpose until they realized that what they were doing they were good at and simultaneously were helping others as a service to humanity.

Within their potential to develop they realized they were living their purpose and that realization simply adds more fuel to an already roaring flame.

Releasing pressure to figure out "What should I be doing?"

Other than existing as an energetic signature that is emitting love into the collective whole, there usually exists this pressure to be doing something within the time we are here. I relate to this as it has been something that has actually held me back most of my life.

While in high school and unaware of spiritual understandings I became convinced that I was here to do something amazing. I graduated as the Valedictorian of my class with the highest scores in the school’s history and was voted “Most Likely To Succeed” every year in high school during homecoming week.

This is not me bragging - these things were detrimental to my progress in life. Why though? What about these things caused me anguish, struggle, and challenge?

The answer is this: the thought process of “what am I supposed to do” is one that boxes our ultimate potential and hinders out ability to actually be doing the things that can and will make differences in our lives as well as others.

Not only did this pressure I placed upon myself from the understandings I convinved myself of through these years hold me back from pursuing what I should have pursued, they hindered my abilities to do anything effectively.

I developed aspects of perfectionism (I was convinced everything I did had to be the best or it wasn’t good enough at all). I also thought that I couldn’t fail and these two belief systems clashed. Lastly, I always felt like there was some timer ticking down and I had to find this “success” now, not later. Through the combinations of these things I was in emotional and spiritual havoc.

My advice if you feel pressured or lost on figuring out your life purpose, otherwise framed by the question “What Should I Be Doing?” is this: do not feel rushed to discover these things.

When you pressure yourself according to false time constructs you take away the most crucial power for discovering what you are meant to do - that is the joy within the journey.

Remove the time aspect and make it your sole focus to go as SLOW as you can through the process of discovering what you enjoy.

Slow down and do one action each time as well as you can without worry

The analogy of building a brick wall is one I always keep in mind. In order to build a pristine wall, the goal is not best attained by slapping bricks on mortar as quickly as possible, or while ruminating so fervently on how the wall will look, or will appear.

The approach towards getting the wall completed to the best of your ability is just focusing on one brick at a time and for that one brick, each time, lay it as perfectly as you can.

Before you realize it, you will be staring at a beautiful and wonderfully performing brick wall.

No matter what you are doing, be it building a brick wall or writing a book, or cooking dinner: find a sense of joy within each small step that you take towards the larger result in mind.

Harnessing the joy itself is the key component to figuring these things out.

Joy leads to potential and furthermore to being able to apply yourself in ways that opens up the understanding of what purpose really is.

What ways can you help others and have fun at the same time? Take away the things that society says are important such as money and all of that. These things come automatically as the energy frequencies of joy and service grow.

This is what Jesus meant in the saying of seeking first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else will be added unto you. Nothing in nature wonders where its sustenance will come from, they live according to their nature.

The nature of being human is service to others, joy found within the journey, and doing the best to our ability in each moment without worry that what we are doing is going to be good enough.