6 Ways To Embrace Worthiness & Become More Vulnerable

Have you ever experienced any kind of trauma? Any kind of circumstance in life that brought you pain or suffering of some kind?

Even if you do not believe you've experienced much trauma in your life, if you're not 100% at full happiness you have energy blockages which are holding you back.

We need to have a system which reveals our energy blockages to us. Reveals our limiting beliefs. There are always old programs within our deeper selves which inhibit the flow of Source energy (chi, life force, prana, the spark of creativity) in life.

So what's the solution for this exactly?...

Allowing ourselves to tap into states of vulnerability is the key.

When we are afraid or worried of being vulnerable that is the sign to us that there are blockages to our energy.

Gaining clarity of the reasons why we are fearful, why we doubt, why we hold ourselves back - and then letting go of these things - will open up the cosmic doorways toward an ever advancing life.

1. Begin With Accepting That You Are Worthy

The primary factor for allowing ourselves to enter the state of vulnerability is to accept that we are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy to pursue what you are passionate about, or to put your authentic self on display for others to get the real you. You are worthy of receiving positive feedback from others. If your vulnerability is with a partner, realize you are worthy to be loved and respected in return for your love and respect. If you are working towards your passion, a goal, your dreams, believe in your ability to apply your skills and determination to create a positive outcome.Brené Brown, vulnerability researcher, explained in her TED Talk, "There was only one variable that separated the people who have a strong sense of love and belonging and the people who really struggle for it. And that was, the people who have a strong sense of love and belonging believe they're worthy of love and belonging. That's it. They believe they're worthy."Believe you are worthy to receive positive results in life and you will begin to see how all else around you matches that worth.

2. Become Aware Of The Urges To Escape Vulnerability

When you feel like running away, train yourself just a little at a time to not listen to the urge to run away. But how can we become acquainted with our feelings of vulnerability when the urge to revert can be so intense?My suggestion is to practice an awareness of your emotions by keeping a log, or a journal, which details your emotional states and triggers as you are experiencing them. This isn't something you must do indefinitely (though it is a useful tool), but by taking notes of how you are feeling and in what ways you acted upon your emotions, you can gain an awareness of the thoughts that triggered those emotions.If you retreated from allowing yourself to become vulnerable, make a note of that in your journal and once you're aware of all the emotional triggers involved you can make a better effort the next time. We are looking for small wins rather than an "instant champion" effect.

3. Believe In Your Ability To Overcome Any Outcome

Pain in life is inevitable. Rejection is a particularly upsetting form of pain and hurt. It's never a good feeling to share a part of yourself with someone else and to be rejected or met with indifference.

Self acceptance, self love - these aspects improve our emotional resiliency. Realize that most people have their own worth and vulnerability issues they deal with as well. When we face moments where our vulnerable selves are denied, rejected, or ignored - it's best to remember everyone has their own struggles, and some do tend to project their struggles through their responses.

Remind yourself why you are embracing vulnerability when you find pain within this process. The passion, the raw bliss, enjoyment, fulfillment - all of these are outcomes of being within a state of vulnerability.

You have the emotional strength to quiet your nerves. You can remind yourself of the reasons why you are embracing this form of strength, your vulnerability, and soothe any pains once you realize the situation isn't as worrisome as you may have originally felt it to be.

4. Open Up And Share What Hurts With Others

Anytime you find yourself hurt and wanting to retreat into yourself either to suppress or cope with the pain, remember that opening up to vulnerability is a process. Embrace this moment as one to practice being vulnerable.

​Reach out to someone you are comfortable with, someone you trust and share your pain with them. When you open up your feelings, your perceived failures, the thoughts you're experiencing to someone you trust, it does more than help you soothe the pain.

This practice of being vulnerable is invaluable.

5. Showing That You Are Vulnerable Makes The Claim That You Are Worthy To Others

When you're open to being vulnerable you're making the claim you are worthy and what you are offering is as well. This is a belief that when you put yourself out there you'll be accepted for who you are and worth that acceptance.

This worthiness is a true sense of power. In essence, it protects you from being harmed because true worthiness is an inner knowing that you ARE good enough. When things don't work out, that's not a reflection of you but rather the circumstance or situation.Jennifer Kass at self development site Mind Body Green explained, "It's only when we close our hearts and put up protective barriers that we are at the mercy of everyone and everything around us — from this place we become victims of our circumstances and give away our power by letting external things and other people control how we feel."

When you're not embracing vulnerability you will internalize the feeling that you're not worthy of acceptance. This gives others the ability to cause you pain. Becoming vulnerable is protection against pain because with it comes self worth and acceptance beyond what others think or provide.

6. Understand This: Inaction Is Hurting You Now; From Here There's No Where Else To Go Except UP

Using avoidance of embracing your vulnerability is prolonging your sense of dissatisfaction and disappointment. If you can, recall any moment of your past where you let an opportunity slip by simply because you thought you'd make a fool of yourself, or one that's disappointing because you didn't try to create a better situation.

Being in the state of vulnerability is not a bulletproof way to get everything you want in life - but it significantly increasing your chances in every way possible!Brené Brown, Ph.D, wrote in her book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead, "I can honestly say that nothing is as uncomfortable, dangerous, and hurtful as believing that I’m standing on the outside of my life looking in and wondering what it would be like if I had the courage to show up and let myself be seen." 

Vulnerability is impossible to work through when the energy of self worth, value, love, and acceptance are stifled. Make no mistake about vulnerability - when you are pursuing a passion and feel vulnerable, you are pursuing that which will bring you the most fulfillment.

Building self worth is a process. It's not one I can promise will be easy either. It requires uncovering emotional aspects, sometimes rooted in physical locations of our bodies, and bringing them to the surface of our awareness.

When these aspects are in our awareness we can then begin to release through acceptance, forgiveness, and vision of our greatest selves.

I'll say this: vulnerability is the portal for self-transformation beyond ANYTHING you could ever imagine.

Embracing and feeling the sensation of passion in a manner where your heart, soul, mind, and essence are completely out in the open in full transparency, full acceptance, and with no restraints will magnify and expand your reality to a place even beyond your greatest dreams.

Life Kicks You When You’re Down Because Your Path Is One Of Potential

I can remember when my path in life took an immediate turn from all that I had previously known to one that was utterly turbulent at first.

You’ve likely been there before - humming along, thinking everything is fine but knowing deep inside there is something so much more in life to accomplish - only to receive a universal foot in the arse out the door of that path.

If the complete halt of your current life didn’t shock you into awareness of a greater plan, then I am truly sorry for what you may have experienced shortly after (or are currently experiencing now).

Many of us who are awakening to spiritual ways of living in the physical world are discovering the true essence of pain, suffering, and consequently feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

But fret and fear not! I am here to give you a secret about why this happens… as well as a little insight on what you can expect, if you so choose to embrace what is happening with an accepting and open heart.

We Only Get Beaten Up By The Universe Because We Have Asked For It… Knowingly Or Not

This is how it happened for me… in early 2017 on my way to a dead end job that I truly despised as a whole, though I did make good money, I spoke a declaration to the Universe, spirit guides, angels, whatever you want to consider.

I simply put a heartfelt intention outside of myself, out loud, and with true deepness of meaning. What I asked for was very specific, and boy oh boy did I receive.

I said out loud that I wanted to obtain my absolute life purpose, to discover it, to light the fire of passion under it and within it. I declared that I receive all abundance attached with that purpose - the abundance of love I deserve, the abundance of joy I could express, the abundance of money I could use to grow my physical existence, the abundance of peace all other abundance would bring.

But, I added a caveat to this declaration. I declared to be placed on the fast track to this. To rapidly expand, learn, engage, and grow into exactly who I should be in order to allow this reality I deserved to emerge through my total being.

I stated that I would go through anything to obtain this fast track - any amount of suffering, any amount of “growing pains”, and would rise from all failures as a new version of myself with more courage than the previous time.

I want to let you know - I got what I asked for, and it has NOT been easy. It IS easy to say you are willing to suffer, to say you want a fast track. What is difficult is actually suffering. Actually being placed on a fast track.

This is something I want you to realize - suffering, when you know somewhere deep inside of you that there is TRUE potential in an infinite way, that anything you fully apply yourself towards will inevitably bring itself to you, will be one of the roughest parts of your path in life along the spiritually manifested journey.

Some call this period “The Dark Night of the Soul”. Mine lasted for nearly two years… Dark “Night”, yeah right!

You may be wondering inside of yourself why suffering is a part of the process for gaining true happiness when some people seemingly coast through life, never being poked the wrong way much less kicked when they are already broken.

How do they make their life around them so easy flowing, easy going, and (on the surface) absolutely thrilling and happy?

The answer lies in the true desire of the soul. Some people do not desire to know the absolute aspects of the Universe as they journey. They seek more for what is outside of themselves rather than what is inside of themselves.

You’re probably seeking for what is inside of you, seeking to connect wholly with your truest nature - yet you know abundance is something deserved by all as we are all essentially of the same consciousness and connected.

That is the difference in why some suffer before the miracles of life arise and others seem to be blessed on the outside, when truly they are suffering within. They suffer the part of life that you are seeking to truly know - they fail to see themselves as they really are.

Nothing In Life Is More Miraculous Than Knowing Yourself And Through This Acquiring Your Birthright Of Abundance

Truly, nothing is more miraculous than this. This is a miracle of many many miracles.

I say this because if you are not already suffering, or have not suffered to the bare essence of your soul in the past, then you may be due for some turbulence - unless you are able to fully grasp and internalize some very crucial truths of reality or have some truly unique experiences that open up epiphanies in your soul.

This may not be a rule applied to all, but for most it is a necessary part of existence.

We suffer to experience darkness. Darkness experienced sheds awareness on the miracles of love we receive. The darkness is merely the soil in which our roots dig deeply. The deeper the roots dig, the larger tree we become, the higher and more far reaching our branches expand.

It is a paradox of the Universe and this reality. Dig deep into the soil of darkness, reach high into the sky of abundance.

As you experience pains in life you may find yourself falling into bouts of depression. I know I did. At one point in my life I wanted it to just be over with. I felt like a complete failure. I thought I was a good, kind, loving person? Yet all of this “bullcrap” kept happening around me.

Every time I thought it couldn’t get worse, something else would happen.

Then I remembered my declaration. I realized I had asked for this because of something I knew was mine already, yet I needed to become the person to allow it to emerge around and within me.

I realized that I was actually much stronger through all of the negative spiraling going on around me. I was still safe, still loved, still able to see within myself the seedling of potential simply waiting to be watered so that the roots would continue digging while my tree and branches continued expanding.

I fell in love again with myself. I fell in love with the path towards potential. Realizing that suffering is the beginning of awareness of self, I then knew that joy would be much more appreciated because of this suffering.

Awareness of self brings about the joy of miracles. We only suffer that which we are attached to and lose. When we lose attachment to that which brings us joy outside of ourselves, we gain the opportunity to attach our levels of joy within ourselves.

As we nurture our attachment to our inner love, inner awareness, and compassion through our sufferings, miracles take place.

They begin first as shifts in our energy. We sense grander schemes at work that we are yet to understand. We sense incongruities in how we behave that may be contributing to our sufferings. We sense ways in which we can do things differently that start to override previous methods of living which bring us more energy to nurture our seed of potential.

This self awareness, self integrity, self LOVE grows and in turn so does the Universe grow the abundance of what we deserve around us.

You Know Your Potential, You Seek A Specific Path For It, Now You Must Stay The Course And Be Honest With Yourself

This is the rule of tapping into your undeveloped potential. The rule is that if you know your potential yet have not realized it, then you do not know yourself. You have baggage attached to you, and you are attached to baggage.

This is where suffering comes into play. The removal of these attachments will create the sense of pain and torment.

I say to you now to continue the course and learn more about letting go of your attachments while still being able to enjoy that which you have and are as a person.

Learn to attach yourself to the potential you know is within you so that you can love that potential and allow it to flourish.

Be honest about what you feel is not right for you along the path you truly desire.

But before you can be honest with that, first ask yourself… What path DO you truly desire? I for one know how phenomenal it feels to build this abundance of love and understanding within myself while watching that translate into the life around me.

This is my definition of fulfillment, and fulfillment is the one feeling I desire to own as I pass from this life. I deserve to pass with this as the only feeling within me. No feelings of regret, no feelings of shame, no feelings of hurt.

We suffer now so we do not have to suffer forever. We suffer now so that we can learn and grow from suffering into a place of potential and authentic love. If we do not suffer into learning, we suffer forever.

Take your suffering as a gift. It IS a divine gift. Do your best to maintain compassion within yourself while keeping in mind that your potential will inevitably overcome all of this suffering.

As your potential develops, it transforms the depths of your pain into the blossoming expansion of your bliss.

I truly hope this has helped you today and many days to come. If you desire to overcome your suffering in an accelerated and holistic way, one which will prevent future suffering by  giving you the internalized understanding of yourself and your purpose, please reach out to me!

I offer spiritual consciousness coaching to those who know their birthright of abundance, joy, purpose, vision, and passion… and do so in a way that creates lifelong impact within and around them. The first session is free, from there we will learn where our paths will take us!

Much love and many miracles to you from now until forever,

Chris Kahler

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