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6 Ways To Embrace Worthiness & Become More Vulnerable

June 10, 2019

Have you ever experienced any kind of trauma? Any kind of circumstance in life that brought you pain or suffering of some kind?

Even if you do not believe you've experienced much trauma in your life, if you're not 100% at full happiness you have energy blockages which are holding you back.

We need to have a system which reveals our energy blockages to us. Reveals our limiting beliefs. There are always old programs within our deeper selves which inhibit the flow of Source energy (chi, life force, prana, the spark of creativity) in life.

So what's the solution for this exactly?...

Allowing ourselves to tap into states of vulnerability is the key.

When we are afraid or worried of being vulnerable that is the sign to us that there are blockages to our energy.

Gaining clarity of the reasons why we are fearful, why we doubt, why we hold ourselves back - and then letting go of these things - will open up the cosmic doorways toward an ever advancing life.

1. Begin With Accepting That You Are Worthy

The primary factor for allowing ourselves to enter the state of vulnerability is to accept that we are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy to pursue what you are passionate about, or to put your authentic self on display for others to get the real you. You are worthy of receiving positive feedback from others. If your vulnerability is with a partner, realize you are worthy to be loved and respected in return for your love and respect. If you are working towards your passion, a goal, your dreams, believe in your ability to apply your skills and determination to create a positive outcome.Brené Brown, vulnerability researcher, explained in her TED Talk, "There was only one variable that separated the people who have a strong sense of love and belonging and the people who really struggle for it. And that was, the people who have a strong sense of love and belonging believe they're worthy of love and belonging. That's it. They believe they're worthy."Believe you are worthy to receive positive results in life and you will begin to see how all else around you matches that worth.

2. Become Aware Of The Urges To Escape Vulnerability

When you feel like running away, train yourself just a little at a time to not listen to the urge to run away. But how can we become acquainted with our feelings of vulnerability when the urge to revert can be so intense?My suggestion is to practice an awareness of your emotions by keeping a log, or a journal, which details your emotional states and triggers as you are experiencing them. This isn't something you must do indefinitely (though it is a useful tool), but by taking notes of how you are feeling and in what ways you acted upon your emotions, you can gain an awareness of the thoughts that triggered those emotions.If you retreated from allowing yourself to become vulnerable, make a note of that in your journal and once you're aware of all the emotional triggers involved you can make a better effort the next time. We are looking for small wins rather than an "instant champion" effect.

3. Believe In Your Ability To Overcome Any Outcome

Pain in life is inevitable. Rejection is a particularly upsetting form of pain and hurt. It's never a good feeling to share a part of yourself with someone else and to be rejected or met with indifference.

Self acceptance, self love - these aspects improve our emotional resiliency. Realize that most people have their own worth and vulnerability issues they deal with as well. When we face moments where our vulnerable selves are denied, rejected, or ignored - it's best to remember everyone has their own struggles, and some do tend to project their struggles through their responses.

Remind yourself why you are embracing vulnerability when you find pain within this process. The passion, the raw bliss, enjoyment, fulfillment - all of these are outcomes of being within a state of vulnerability.

You have the emotional strength to quiet your nerves. You can remind yourself of the reasons why you are embracing this form of strength, your vulnerability, and soothe any pains once you realize the situation isn't as worrisome as you may have originally felt it to be.

4. Open Up And Share What Hurts With Others

Anytime you find yourself hurt and wanting to retreat into yourself either to suppress or cope with the pain, remember that opening up to vulnerability is a process. Embrace this moment as one to practice being vulnerable.

​Reach out to someone you are comfortable with, someone you trust and share your pain with them. When you open up your feelings, your perceived failures, the thoughts you're experiencing to someone you trust, it does more than help you soothe the pain.

This practice of being vulnerable is invaluable.

5. Showing That You Are Vulnerable Makes The Claim That You Are Worthy To Others

When you're open to being vulnerable you're making the claim you are worthy and what you are offering is as well. This is a belief that when you put yourself out there you'll be accepted for who you are and worth that acceptance.

This worthiness is a true sense of power. In essence, it protects you from being harmed because true worthiness is an inner knowing that you ARE good enough. When things don't work out, that's not a reflection of you but rather the circumstance or situation.Jennifer Kass at self development site Mind Body Green explained, "It's only when we close our hearts and put up protective barriers that we are at the mercy of everyone and everything around us — from this place we become victims of our circumstances and give away our power by letting external things and other people control how we feel."

When you're not embracing vulnerability you will internalize the feeling that you're not worthy of acceptance. This gives others the ability to cause you pain. Becoming vulnerable is protection against pain because with it comes self worth and acceptance beyond what others think or provide.

6. Understand This: Inaction Is Hurting You Now; From Here There's No Where Else To Go Except UP

Using avoidance of embracing your vulnerability is prolonging your sense of dissatisfaction and disappointment. If you can, recall any moment of your past where you let an opportunity slip by simply because you thought you'd make a fool of yourself, or one that's disappointing because you didn't try to create a better situation.

Being in the state of vulnerability is not a bulletproof way to get everything you want in life - but it significantly increasing your chances in every way possible!Brené Brown, Ph.D, wrote in her book, Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent and Lead, "I can honestly say that nothing is as uncomfortable, dangerous, and hurtful as believing that I’m standing on the outside of my life looking in and wondering what it would be like if I had the courage to show up and let myself be seen."

Vulnerability is impossible to work through when the energy of self worth, value, love, and acceptance are stifled. Make no mistake about vulnerability - when you are pursuing a passion and feel vulnerable, you are pursuing that which will bring you the most fulfillment.

Building self worth is a process. It's not one I can promise will be easy either. It requires uncovering emotional aspects, sometimes rooted in physical locations of our bodies, and bringing them to the surface of our awareness.

When these aspects are in our awareness we can then begin to release through acceptance, forgiveness, and vision of our greatest selves.

I'll say this: vulnerability is the portal for self-transformation beyond ANYTHING you could ever imagine.

Embracing and feeling the sensation of passion in a manner where your heart, soul, mind, and essence are completely out in the open in full transparency, full acceptance, and with no restraints will magnify and expand your reality to a place even beyond your greatest dreams.

I'm a lifelong writer and professional marketer/web designer transforming all that I know about human nature, psychology, spirituality, and philosophy into easy to understand articles for living well.

About the author...

Hello, my name is Chris!

I'm a lifelong writer and professional marketer/web designer transforming all that I know about human nature, psychology, spirituality, and philosophy into easy to understand articles for living well. As a writer and teacher I pull from personal experience in addition to allegories to offer paradigm shifting perspective that anyone can grasp and benefit from. I live in rural Texas with my family, friends, and fur babies, and I enjoy nature's energy for inspiring the words I write. I intend on writing until the day I die so expect articles, books, and more to come!
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