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I've battled with pride and have realized humility softens the spirit to receive, grow, and sacrifices none of our innate power. I once celebrated my accomplishments with being proud of myself. Now I find the more gratitude I feel the less pride I carry, and in that greater rewards are ...received.

Not everyone will have your best outcomes in mind. It's ok to love others from a distance in order to protect your integrity and energy. This is a friendly reminder to trust your intuition! You will be presented pains and / or pleasures from the people and situations around you, and this is ...for your highest evolution. You can grow equally from both pain and pleasure - you don't have to struggle through so much adversity! Set your boundaries with people and with yourself and grow into higher evolution surrounded by those who encourage that growth ❤️🦋

What have you always wanted to do, yet have given up on doing? Why'd you stop? How hard would it be to just do what you want?

In order to make any lasting change in your life it isn’t enough to simply strive for creating habits, you will need to become them. Excellence is an accumulation of consistent forward progress toward an endeavor. The relationship between habit and character is unique - just as habit creates ...character, character creates habit.

Habits that acquire destiny aren’t merely patterns of repeated behavior - they are the foundations of who we are and how we begin to identify ourselves. In order to experience life in different ways we must become different people. The habits that will become your character and shape your identity begin first within the nature of information you immerse yourself in each and every day.